Lessons from Luke: Chapter 13

Lesson #1: Jesus never gives up on you

Like never ever. Rather than give up he will fertilize and cultivate you. If God doesn’t give up on you then don’t give up on Him too and don’t give up on yourself. Keep pushing. Keep hoping. Keep trusting. You still have time. God is on your side.

Lesson #2: God is all about small beginnings

In the kingdom, things start small, subtly, you can barely even tell that something is happening. But no matter how insignificant, what was thought to be small will end up taking over the entire show. Your beginning may be small, but have not doubt that your ending will most definitely be grand. It’s starts small, but there’s no telling how great your ending will be. Just like the kingdom of God, we will all eventually take over! Hallelujah!

Till tomorrow, love always.

Lessons from Luke: Chapter 12

Lesson #1: You matter to God… so don’t worry.

I want to encourage you, maybe even plead with you to read Luke chapter 12 if you haven’t already. You will see how much you mean to God and how deeply he cares for you. You matter to God. You have no reason to worry. I like the way the passion translation puts it. It says you should be carefree in the care of God! How absolutely awesome.

Lesson #2: Be content

Remember when we talked about guarding your heart? Well this is Jesus bringing it up again. We live in an age where it’s so easy to compare since people are always shoving what they have in our faces through social media. But Jesus tells us to be content because at the end of the day, our lives aren’t measured by how much we have acquired or accumulated. No amount of money can save our lives or earn us a place in heaven. Material blessings are good but always remember that your life is worth so much more.

Have a wonderful weekend. God bless you.

Till tomorrow.

Lessons from Luke: Chapter 11

Lesson #1: Open your Heart

Many times we come to God with our minds already made up and our plans already set in stone, but this is Jesus encouraging us to open our heart to hear him, to learn, to be enlightened so we can live well. As you read your bible, have an open heart. As you attend church, have an open heart. As you spend time with God, have an open heart. Let him light you up.

Till tomorrow, grace & peace.

Lessons from Luke: Chapter 10

Lesson #1: One thing is most important

Life can be overwhelming. Activities here and there but Jesus has already shown us the most important thing to do and that is to spend time with him, at his feet, learning just like Mary. Many things will fight for your attention but don’t be distracted, maintain your focus on Jesus. That’s what matters the most. It seems fitting that this is the only lesson for today, since it is of utmost importance.

Till tomorrow, remember to keep your eyes on Jesus.

Lessons from Luke: Chapter 9

Lesson #1: Jesus is always welcoming towards you

Here, Jesus wanted to take some time off with his twelve disciples but the people found out and took off after him, when Jesus realized this, he welcomed them. He didn’t shun them. This is always Jesus’ predisposition towards us. He is always graciously welcoming, ready to attend to you. So don’t be afraid to take off after him, and tell him what you need. He will always answer you.

Lesson #2: He will feed you till you are filled

It says everyone ate until they were filled. The feeding stopped when they were full. God will take of you to your satisfaction. You are the determining factor for the flow. And it says when they were done, there were twelve baskets full so there’s always more where it’s coming from. Desire for more. Hunger for more. He is ready to supply.

Lesson #3: God approves of Jesus… again.

Do you remember in Chapter 3, when the dove descended from heaven when Jesus was being baptized. Here we see the same thing happen and in more explicit terms. God is saying, this is my son, listen to Him and only Him!

Lesson #4: This should be our approach to people that don’t do things like us but proclaim the name of Jesus all the same… like Kanye.

Enough said. Sometimes we see people with different doctrines than us and different lifestyles than us proclaim the name of Jesus and our first instinct is to judge them. See what Jesus said, if they are not against you, then they are for you. As long as Jesus is being exalted, allow people to be themselves. They will grow to know God more with time and do things right. You would be surprised how God can use any and everything to reach the lost. Embrace all men for the sake of the gospel. Let the love of God unite us.

Lesson #5: Stop looking back

If you want to follow Jesus, follow him wholeheartedly. The kingdom has no use for the double minded. Be single minded in your pursuit of God. Let go of your past. Let it go. God has, so who are you to keep holding on to it?

Wow. So many lessons today and I bet you there are more still. The word of God is full of treasures and like we learnt yesterday, those treasures are available to us all.

Till tomorrow, much love!

Lessons from Luke: Chapter 8

Lesson #1: Nothing is hidden from us

Jesus is the revelation light. Through him, all things are made clear. Let’s open our hearts to recieve. It would be such a pity if we have all things available to us and we never take advantage. Let’s recieve more and more revelation till we are full and begin to overflow. Amen! There is nothing you want to know of God and His kingdom that you are not allowed to. Just open your heart and be ready to recieve.

Lesson #2: To what end are you touching the Lord?

Do you have anything that you are believing God for? It’s difficult for God to come through for you if you are not meeting him with any requests, any needs. Look at the verse above. It says that Jesus felt someone touched him in other to be healed and what did they receive? Their healing. Did they recieve money, children, protection? No. No, they did not. They recieve their healing. They recieved what they wanted, what they needed. What do you want? What do you need? Reach out to Jesus with that need and he will meet it.

Lesson #3: Don’t yield to your fear.

There will always be discouraging news. There will always be reasons to be afraid but hey don’t yield, keep believing and your faith will not be met with disappointment. God is too faithful to fail. Hallelujah!

Till tomorrow, stay blessed.

Lessons from Luke: Chapter 7

Lesson #1: It pays to never lose faith

I would say chapter seven is a faith chapter. From the story of the centurion to that of the woman with the alabaster box, we can see different acts and shades of faith. These were Jesus’ words to John in prison when he recieved word that John was beginning to doubt His identity as the messiah. So in a bid to help his faith, Jesus performed many miracles in the midst of the messengers and gave them those words. Jesus is aware that there are situations that will shake our faith but he also admonishes us that we are blessed when we don’t doubt him, no matter what happens. Other versions put this as “blessed is he who takes no offense in me”, so God takes it as a beef towards him when we lose faith in Him. Let’s keeping believing because dear friends, we are already blessed for keeping that faith.

Lesson #2: How much we recieve from God determines our attitude towards Him

You can’t love more than you’ve received love. The way we rate what God had done for us is the way we would appreciate Him. If we think, oh what is salvation anyway? It’s not like I was a big sinner before I became a Christian… then how can we thank God for something that isn’t big in our eyes? But the truth is whether or not we think the Lord has done great things for us, He has. That makes it injustice to not appreciate him, worship him, thank him every chance we get. In so doing we are opening doors to see and recieve more of what he has already accomplished for us. Many think God has not done much for them, because they don’t bother to recieve. Don’t be shy or shall I say don’t be proud? Take, take and take some more for Him so that you will not just be hearing but you will also see for yourself just how good this God is.

Happy Sunday loves! Wishing you a blessed week ahead.

Lessons from Luke: Chapter 6

Lesson #1: Jesus took time out to pray, what’s your excuse?

What stops you from praying? Can you possibly be more busy than Jesus, the saviour of the world? A friend once told me, how much we pray shows how dependent on God we are. Jesus prayed all night to God, if we are truly his followers then let’s follow this example. Spend time with God. Talk to him and let him talk to you. Let him guide and inform your decisions. He will give you clarity. He will give you wisdom. Every minute spent with God in prayer and communion is never wasted. It is always worth it.

Lesson #2: Kindness is our nature

Have you ever met a mean Christian? It always takes me by surprise. We are not hard people. We are nice, warm and kind. It’s in our DNA. Let us be merciful and treat others with compassion, just like our heavenly father.

Lesson #3: We can always tell who you really are by what you do and what you say

I love love love love this wonderful fact. We tell who people are on the inside by the things that they do and the things that they say. Yes, people can pretend but no one can pretend for too long. Water will always find it’s level. The truth will always surface. It’s like when you throw, let’s say, a pen in water it might first of all sink because of the force with which it was thrown but eventually it will float. This is how your heart works. If you keep storing up evil, sooner or later it will find it’s way to the surface.

This is why my favourite bible verse of all time is Proverbs 4:23, “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it“. This is one of the biggest revelations the Holy Spirit ever gave me. You can see from that verse that you can only guard what goes in your heart, you can’t control the outflow. It simply just flow out. You must pay extra attention to what what you pay attention to, for your own wellbeing and peace of mind. May the Lord help us all. Amen!

God bless you. Enjoy your Saturday.

With love, O.

Lessons from Luke: Chapter 5

Lesson #1: He is willing to help you

This is a truth I will never get tired of hearing and believing. Jesus is not only able to help you, he is also willing to do so. He wants to meet your needs. So we should come boldly to the throne of grace and recieve mercy in times of trouble. You should not run away from God when you need help. We should shy away from our powerful saviour because he is more than ready to come to our aid. Come to Jesus today. There’s a quote I really like that says “God is more willing to bless you that you are willing to be blessing”. He is eager to display his love towards you. Come, come, don’t hold back.

Lesson #2: The forgiveness of our sins comes by faith in Jesus

This is such a popular story and there’s so much to learn from it but for me, this was the biggest take away. It was when Jesus saw their faith that he was moved to forgive the man’s sins. This further confirms Ephesians 2:8 which says “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God“. Salvation is accessed through faith in Jesus and all that he has done and as verse 9 says “not by works, so that no one can boast.” Hallelujah! Praise God for saving us all. Recieve his salvation by faith today!

Till tomorrow, love & love!

Lessons from Luke: Chapter 4

Lesson #1: The Ministry of Jesus is that of redemption

If there was a mission statement for the ministry of Jesus then this would be it. I would encourage you to take your time to read it over and over again. JESUS CAME FOR YOU. TO FREE YOU. TO SAVE YOU AND TO ENABLE YOU TO LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE. HE CAME FOR YOU. Hallelujah! Praise God!

Lessons #2: Miracles are not always glamorous

So the people of Nazareth were about pushing Jesus off a cliff because he confronted them about their disdain for the power of God to move admist them, and the bible records that he miraculously just walked right through their midst and went his way. Miracles are not always super spectacular. Sometimes, God saves us from things we don’t even notice are going on around us. It looks so mundane and natural but it’s not so, it’s a miracle. Everyday we receive numerous miracles from the Lord. Let’s be vigilant and let’s appreciate him at all times.

Till tomorrow loves.

Do take your time to read the word too. There’s way more to find than I can put into writing in one blog post. Allow the Lord speak to you himself. You will be glad you did.