4 Reasons You Should Probably Break Things off with Him/Her Now!

Is Omooba a relationship expert? The answer is a capital NO. But I’ve come to realize it’s not everyone that has common sense when it comes to this topic. And even people that have, sometimes it’s good to get a reminder. It’s a new year, I don’t want you to stay stuck in an unhealthy relationship. Yes, I like you that much. I want you to start the decade on a good note. And don’t worry, you won’t die alone. God has preserved and prepared the best for you.

1. He/She cheats.

It is non negotiable. If they are cheating on you. Abeg. Let him or her go.

2. He/She treats you like crap.

Some of you don’t know how you should be treated so you can’t even tell when someone is rubbishing you. There is a need for mutual respect. He or she just has to respect you. I’d advise that you first of all get an handle on who you are and your worth. Then you would have a standard of how you should be treated. Let me also quickly chip in here that you should not be physically abused by anyone. It is a no-no. It is not acceptable. No amount of apology can fix it. Simply walk away, your future self will thank you for it.

3. You don’t believe the same things.

You know you are a Christian and you’re dating a cultist? What is wrong with you? What exactly do you think will happen eventually. You think he will change, hey, he won’t o. And even if he does, it won’t be because of you. That’s quite a gamble if you ask me. Beside what is it that is even attracting you to someone that doesn’t have Christ in the first place? Look, we need to sit ourselves down and be honest. Are you really who you say you are? If you say you love Jesus, why are you okay with someone that rejects him as a life partner? Why? It doesn’t make sense. And this even goes beyond the usual believer and unbeliever relationship, even in christianity, people have different beliefs and doctrines. You have to agree and it’s not only in the area of spirituality. There has to be some synergy between you two. Some people claim to be christians and are fine with sleeping around and not going to church. What do you believe? You must know what you believe and know why, so that when it is time to choose, you will know what suits you.

4. The person is making you significantly worse.

So quick question, since you’ve been in your relationship can you say you are better? If you know you can’t be trusted with answering. Ask a friend. A friend that you know will tell you the truth. If people have been complaining that you’ve changed negatively since you started hanging around your partner then you have to take a step back and reevaluate. And if need be, please let it go. You won’t die. Let them go.

The end of the relationship is not the end of the world, even though it might feel that way. You have to see that you are investing into your future by saying no to an unhealthy relationship. They will not only waste your time, they will scar you. You don’t need all that. Be wise. Step into this new season with clarity. May the Lord help you.

What do you think? Was this helpful? What are some of your dealbreakers in a relationship?

2019: My Best Year Yet

I apologize for the seemingly long hiatus. This site had some glitches that needed some time to resolve and I needed some time away as well. I’ve had my review ready since November and so many other articles that I didn’t get to post. So prepare to be swamped with content in the following weeks. Lol. Thank you guys for always being here, I am grateful for every single one of you. God bless you. Happy New year and decade! Have the very best of the best. Enjoy!

written 13th November 2019

I didn’t start out this year thinking it would be my best year. Matter of fact I didn’t consider it my best year so far until yesterday when I thought about writing a review and the only thing that came to mind was wow, I think this is the best year of my life so far. And it’s not like anything spectacular happened o. I didn’t graduate from medical school or get married or even get a boyfriend much less have my first child. This year was pretty mundane, but I guess that’s the beauty in it, the simplicity of it all is worth celebrating.

God took care of me this year. He saved me from many things and showed me the path to life. He walked me through every decision and difficult season. He answered my prayers. This year, I put my faith to work and reaped a bountiful harvest.

Where do I start?

January. Wearing scrubs for the first time. Lol. Sorry Titomi.

January started on a good note with rounding up medicine posting and beginning surgery rotations. Surgery was an easy ride in comparison to medicine rotations. I enjoyed it and wrote about it here on the blog. From there on out school started to become hard for me. It was draining all my energy and joy. I was not happy and it was not helping that my grades were not really encouraging me. It hurt. I was basically running on empty every day. But the Lord came to my rescue and started to teach me how to protect my joy and He started to show me that medical school was for my growth and edification. Of course, it’s easy to look back in retrospect and be grateful for every stumbling block but in real life and real time I did not understand it all at once. It was a back and forth situation. I had to and still have constantly lean into God and depend on him for strength and grace, and glory! he has remained faithful. I can say the times that I have failed are times when I did not ask the Lord for help. I’ve come to see that without Him, I am nothing. Jesus makes the difference and I am grateful.

I finally understood why community is important this year and I finally see why it pays to surround yourself with good people. But I must also say that good people are a gift from the Lord. It is God that brings them our way because I know many people desire good company but don’t have it. So hey, it is perfectly fine to ask God for good people and good friends. The Holy Spirit is reminding me now of a time when I was really praying and asking God for good female friends but it seems he wasn’t answering my prayer however it was just because back then I was not mature enough to bear the responsibility of a good, rewarding and lasting relationship with the people around me. Thank God for answering my prayers eventually and at the right time. Whatever you are believing God for, don’t give up. He will answer you. He has your best interest at heart. I usually tell my friends that life is a fight of faith. Never stop believing! What you are hoping for is just around the corner.

People saved and came through for me in diverse ways this year. People made me laugh, made me happy, gave me hard knocks in the right direction and fun memories. I have a renewed awe and affection for human beings now because they’ve made life more colourful for me and God has used good friends to minister peace, healing and love to me.

Last year, I mentioned in my review that 2019 was going to be my year of preparation. I thank God that he indeed prepared me. That I have grown so much in a matter of 12 months. I’m ready to take on the world. I’m ready for whatever comes my way. I’m ready for this brand new dacade. In this decade, I will start my career, begin building an empire, get married and hopefully have all my kids. I feel prepared for all that. I’m content with how my Esther year turned out. If you don’t know what an Esther year is, check out last year’s review. You might want to take an Esther year too.

I could share testimony upon testimony on how God surprised me with gifts or protected me from harms way or provided for my needs. To say that God is good to me is an understatement. I know it all sounds very cliche, like Omooba don’t you have problems? Didn’t bad things happen to you? Maybe I do, and maybe they did but the truth is I didn’t notice or I’ve probably forgotten. God has blinded me with goodness. I’m surrounded by blessings on every side so I can’t really see anything else. It is the Lord’s doing and it is marvellous in my sight.

You guys, please thank God for me. He has done me well. When next you say a prayer, say Thank you Jesus for all you’ve done for OmoobaJesu, she is truly grateful.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year in advance my people.

I pray the Lord will perfect all that concerns you, now and always. God bless you.

Big love, O.

Thoughts On Becoming by Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama is known to many as a role model, a woman worthy of admiration and emulation but in her renowned memoir she becomes someone different, someone more close to home. Like a long lost beloved aunty that you finally get to meet in person after hearing many endearing stories. You finally get a chance to be in the presence of this beforehand-distant-greatness. Now you’re given a chance to take it all in and be enthralled anew but in a more realistic and lasting way because now you see things as they really are; bare of all the maskings of fame and acclaim. You realise she’s just like you with the same desires to be loved, make a difference and live a good life. It makes sense because she’s stark honest and because she’s honest, you also believe you can become.

In the beginning Michelle introduces us to her background and what it was like to grow up in the south side of Chicago, living in the top floor of the duplex that is her auntie’s home (her auntie who goes on to teach her to play the piano whilst unveiling the stubborn side to Michelle’s character) with her close knit nuclear family in a cluster of many family relations on both her mother and father’s side. We get the feel early on that her family is a close one and a strong source of support, be it from her older brother, who was a star kid all through school and paved the way for her in various ways most of which involved giving her social capital or her mother who stayed home to make sure meals were made when they got back from school and the home was in one piece or her father who she often spoke of like he was some kind of meta God balancing work and life seemlessly which made it all the more hard when we learn he dies from suffering Multiple Sclerosis for several years later in the book.

This great loss and another (of a dear friend) set the stage for deep introspection on the meaning and point of life for Michelle. She soon realizes she does not have much care for being a lawyer and in a courageous swerve veers into the scene of volunteering, community work and policy making. Here she finds more joy and fulfilment. Here she finds life worth living.

Finding love for Michelle was unexpected and quite fast paced. She describes her first impression of Barack as being unimpressive especially his lateness and smoking but all that is moved past in a blur as they begin to get to know each other. The realness of their love story doesn’t shield them from the challenges that plague regular couples though. And luckily for us, our aunty Michelle doesn’t shy away for talking about it all; infertility, insecurities, motherhood, conflict, therapy. This totally destroys the myth of perfect couples; and this is good for us. We see that all relationships require constant work the stay alive.

Barack’s venture into politics did not always appeal to Michelle but she was sold once she saw the potential of her husband to do some good. It became impossible to ignore that he could make a real difference. And he did didn’t he? Perhaps the most significant difference the American government has seen till date.

Becoming is the type of book you read when you’re between choices, when you don’t know what to do or when you know exactly what to do. It’s the right reading choice not because it provides all the answers but because it tells you a story, a story like yours and shows you that your own story is also being written, that you too are becoming. And maybe, just maybe that’s all we need to keep going.

How To Maintain A Tidy Room

So let’s be honest, Uni students are pretty unkempt. They wear the dopest clothes and perfumes but their rooms are another story. And yes, I’m looking at you too, ladies. But I’m not here to point fingers. And I know it’s not everybody that has this problem. If you don’t, this isn’t for you. I also know it can be difficult to maintain an orderly or clean room when you’re not used to it or if you have a really uncooperative roommate. But you can do it. You can do anything you put your mind to. Which brings me to my first tip;

1. Decide.

You have to want it. These things aren’t going to last very long if you don’t really see why you should be clean in the first place. I’ll give you a few reasons;

  • You’ll know where your stuff is. No endless “where did I put this thing sef?”. No more messing up the whole room to find one top.
  • You could get sick. You already know this. With germs flying everywhere, you’re putting your life in danger.
  • It looks nice. It really does.

Now you know. This is where you choose, am I going to be this person or that person? Your choice. Decide.

2. Make your bed every morning.

Yes, I know you’d rather not, ’cause you’re already running late and you haven’t even taken a shower yet. Here’s a quick hack, immediately you get up from your bed, make it. You shouldn’t leave your room without making it. Would you leave your room without brushing your teeth? Then, you definitely shouldn’t leave your room without making your bed.


3. Have a cleaning routine.

Of course, the point is maintenance. Most people clean their rooms from time to time, but they have a problem keeping it clean. This is how to do it. Categorize your cleaning into three routines. Daily, weekly and monthly + other cleaning. Make a list of stuff you should do daily. Sweep your room, make your bed, wash dishes etc and in the same way those you should do weekly; cobwebs, toilet wash, bed spread and then the monthly clean, fan blades, curtains etc.

Processed with VSCO with x1 preset

If you can keep to the plan, I assure you your room will always be clean.

4. Let everything have a home.

It’s better when everything you own has a home. Like for your bags, home is in the left corner and your books always go in the shelve, or are arranged neatly in a corner except your assignments that are always on your table. Your jewelry in a trinket on the top of the counter. Do you get my drift? Let everything have a home, so that when it gets misplaced you’d have a place to return it too. A permanent place. It helps to keep things orderly.


5. Wash dishes immediately.

For real, this is like the best thing you could do for yourself. No mould, no stink, no sticky plates. No mountain of dirt to subdue. If you struggle with this, see it has the last part of your meal. the same way you would take your plate to the sink when you are done eating. Wash your plate and utensils when you get there, you’d be happy. See it as the last thing to do. The sink will always, always be clean.

6. Trash or give out stuff you don’t use.

If you have too much stuff, your room will always look clumsy, even when it’s clean and then you’ll begin to think what’s the point of cleaning the room at all, if it’s only going to keep looking like an ugly fat woman. Here’s what you do, give your room an overhaul. Put your stuff into three groups. 1) Stuff you like and use 2) Stuff you don’t use and 3) Stuff you are not sure about. Trash or give out those you are sure you don’t use. Wait on those you aren’t sure about for 30 days, if you didn’t need anything in that stark in all that time, then trash or gift them too. You don’t need stuff to be happy, trust me. You’d be happier with those things you use and love and not to mention how light your room would be. It’s a total win-win.


Have a badazzling (I don’t think that’s a real word) April ahead, and remember you can do anything you put your mind to.

What is your biggest problem with cleaning your room? Anything you find particularly daunting?

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People Are Just People; The Simple Fact We All Have a Hard Time Accepting

Photo: @propaganda, Twitter.

Case Study: Liz Gilbert.

Yo! Let me tell you about Elizabeth Gilbert.

I discovered her late 2016, when I stumbled on her TED talks on creativity. Which you should watch by the way.


And This.

She had me at hello. She has this thing about her, like she commands some kind of mastery of brilliance. Like she wasn’t too intellectual that she couldn’t be playful and she wasn’t so wimpy that she could be mature. She resonated balance. Everything about her inspired me. Her writing, her thinking. Don’t misunderstand me, I did not agree with everything she believes and put in paper, but her approach to life and art was something that caught my eye. Anyway, my infatuation with her bloomed. I was on this journey of reading everything she has ever written, including her article-like Facebook posts. Love makes us do crazy things like that (so they say). I was really slow at reading Eat, Pray, Love, the second book of hers I was reading, so I downloaded the movie and decided to watch instead.

Julia Roberts as Liz in Eat, Pray, Love. The movie.

The story centers on her (Liz’s) experiences from traveling to three different countries to find herself after a nasty divorce, followed by another heartbreak of sorts. It’s funny; the whole idea of travel and taking off for a year like this (even though she has always loved traveling) was because she once visited Bali, met a medicine man who predicted she was going to come back and stay with him in Bali for a while. He prophesied a stream of other things. But the one I’d like you to keep in mind is that she, Liz, would be married twice in her life time, one short, the other long.

Liz learnt to eat in Italy, to pray in India and found love (unexpectedly) in Bali. Fast forward to about 12 years after. Liz is a best-selling author, with a movie adaptation under her belt. She has gone ahead to write other books, but none ever really surpasses the grandiose success of Eat, Pray, Love. People have been inspired. People has moved on from unhappy marriages because of her. She has been a source of hope of sorts. But imagine my shock when I found out that Liz had once again left her husband of 12 years, for… wait for it… A woman.

I’m going to let that settle in.

No, I don’t have beef with gay people. It isn’t really about that. It’s about how disappointed I felt as a reader of this woman’s work. Don’t get me wrong. I get it. I get the whole finding love thing. The whole find what works for you thing but you know what breaks my heart and just loosens all my screws when I think about this story. It’s all the people. All the people who idolized this story. That read it and went “holy smokes I’m going to divorce my husband too, travel the world too, find true love too and live happily ever after too“. You know why people even think like that in the first place? It’s because we’ve been programmed somewhere along evolution (or whatever) that someone doing something and most times succeeding at it also gives us permission to do that stuff and maybe, just maybe even succeed too. You guys, I dare say, shit doesn’t go down like that. Like we really need to learn to stop following and trusting totally in people. In the end there are just peopleand they are screwed up too and they don’t know what they are doing too. Me included. This is earth and we are all novices. Yes, some people know how to jam words together and make you feel like they have it all figured out and maybe they think they do too. Some people sing and it feels like the world is at their feet because you know, it kinda is in that moment. But let’s not forget, in this clumsy world we live in, we are all just people. Just people. And we blow things up all the time. Don’t roll your eyes like you don’t know. I mean, you get mad when your browser is a wee bit slower than usual. You get tired. You sleep. You worry. I mean, do you get me? We’re just people. Without God, we are just people. You people already know, me I’m like on another level. Lol. But that’s talk for later. All I want you to see, and maybe even just think on for sometime is how really alike and human we all are. Cut people some slack. And glory. And time. And mind. And just pour love. And let it go.

Choose to follow God. He doesn’t change his mind y’all. When God says marriages are forever. Like it isn’t about whether or not you are feeling it. It just is. You make it work, you stick it out. You can do all things. You can handle it. Better believe him. Cause let me tell you, happiness is where you believe it is. And that doesn’t even guarantee it will last. But the Joy that comes from God? Oh how it sticks. Oh how it follows you.

To be honest, Liz is still a magician with words. She’s a beautiful, brilliant person to me in many ways. But you know what? She is  just a person. And I’ll let her be that (no more) in my heart and mind. If we can all learn to live like that, maybe empathy would be more real and unscripted.

Love & love—O

The 3 Most Important Things I Learnt From Reading “Die Empty”

I read this amazing book by Todd Henry a while ago and I’m excited to share the most important things I took away from the experience. 

On Death

Most of us don’t think about death, or try as much as possible to avoid the topic. The few of us who embrace the topic in our minds are mostly afraid, or indifferent. But Todd finds death to be the greatest motivation to live your best life now. It’s astonishing to see that this is a pattern. Most people that make a mark in the world, think very often of death. In his words, we’re all going to die and we need to make a contribution. An apt example of the way the thought of dying can be a significant tool of living a gratifying life is seen with Steve Jobs who said

I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself ‘If today were the last day if my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?’ And whenever the answer has been ‘no’ for too many days in a row I know I need to change something. Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I have ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything—all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure—these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that I am going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap  of thinking you’ve got something to lose. You’re already naked. There’s no reason not to follow your heart.

On Work

The way we are introduced to work as children is so wrong. Work is good. Work is what makes us human, what gives us fulfilment. The ish is to find work that is meaningful to you and valuable to others. The author defines work like this;

Work is not just about you, or making money. Work is about your contribution. You way of making the world a better place. There are more details into what work really is and types in the book. The types of work include planning, doing and personal development. The important thing is to find the balance between all these three elements. Some people are great at planning but they don’t do very well with doing. Some people plan and do very well but they remain on the same spot because they don’t bother to improve in themselves and evolve. Work is dynamic, always moving but the most important thing is that it is relevant. This is how to find joy in work. Pure untainted joy is realizing that you are contributing the best that you can to the world. 

On Passion

All my life before I read the book, I never knew passion meant to suffer for or with something. It’s that thing you can go the extra mile for, not because it’s not hard or you’re not tired but because you love it. You love it so much, you are  willing to suffer for it. And so when you realize this I guess the obvious question you ask yourself is what am I willing to suffer for? That act of self assessment, I have come to learn from the book, is called choosing your battle. You see the world is so screwed up that you as an individual can’t possibly help with everything. You can’t contribute to every single cause, but there is a particular problem you are well equipped to  solve, just by being you. It sounds like a motivational work-up just to get your blood pumping, but believe it or not, it is true. Todd goes on to give points to find such problems that we are naturally predisposed to solve. 

  1.  Compassionate anger
  2. Hope/aspirations
  3. Obsession

So ask yourself; what am I angry about? What do I hope to do or be? What am I totally obsessed with? And if for a while, your answers are consistent. There, that’s your passion. That’s the battle you are willing to fight. That’s the battle you will most likely win because you will be willing to stick to it when it’s hard and you’d rather go to bed. Sometimes you have to go through things you don’t love to get to where you do love. Todd shares the story of one of the best American football players, Curtis Martin, who claimed to not like the game at all throughout his life. Even when he got a chance to play, he was going to reject it. But then, his pastor told him he could use the fame and the popularity of an athlete to influence and mentor young adults. So when Martin went training, he wasn’t playing for the game in itself by for a greater purpose or aspiration in mind. He fought to be the best, not just for the sake of being called the best but to use that position for what he really wanted. So know that your passion most times might not be a clear wide road, sometimes it’s zig-zag. What’s important is to define who you are, and what you want and keep your eyes on that, through whatever phase you might be in. 

Be sure to die empty 😉

Getting The Best Results; Pseudo Work Vs. Deep Work

Have you heard stories of people who read like mad dogs and still fail exams?

People that seem so serious in life and can’t seem to leave the average ring. With time, they start to believe that their case is spiritual, but that’s not it. It’s a case of pseudo work. We all know success takes hard work. We all know you don’t get what you don’t prepare for. The success that lasts takes effort. It doesn’t just happen. What we don’t know, or what we’ve always ignored is what kind of work success requires. That’s what I’m here for. I’m going to tell you. Success, I must mention before I continue that I’m am not talking about all these short lived versions of successes we have around, like graduating with a first class, I mean that’s awesome if you make something out of it but most don’t… Anyway, moving on. I mean success that involves solving people’s problems on a grand scale, being a blessing, like literally. That kind of success doesn’t necessarily require hard work. What is needed is deep work. And what most of us do is pseudo work, aka fake work. I’ll make all my gibberish clear soon.

Let me give an example;

Pseudo work is when you have a test on Monday and today is Friday. You plan to study for the test during the weekend but you don’t give a specific time slot to studying. You launch into your weekend. Suddenly you realize it’s Saturday night and you haven’t even opened your study material, so you say to yourself, I’m going to read for six hours tomorrow. When tomorrow, that is Sunday, comes. You settle down to read. You have your phone by your side. You study well, for about 30 minutes, jotting like a pro. Tho you take several tiny breaks to check your phone and tell your buddies that you are studying amongst other random gist and scrolling. But that doesn’t really matter since you get what you’re reading. After about 90 minutes you’re tired, the work seems boring and inscrutable but you continue, you stop jotting, you continue taking breaks to check your phone, you relax, now you’re not even assimilating anything again, you’re just reading the words and anytime your phone buzzes, you hurry to catch it. You go on like that for the entire 6 hours and when someone asks you if you studied, you’ll feel a sense of pride and contentment overwhelm you. The truth however is that you will not do great on that test. You might do good. But you will not do great. Great is 80% and above. Your work was fake. And that’s how most of us live life.

We forget the importance of focus. Some people say things like I can read with my phone, I can study with movies, I can study with music, except the music is without lyric and it’s classical, see all that is just bullshit, if you actually want to be above average results in your life. The key is focus. It’s not the length of time, it’s not finishing the textbook, it’s not any of that crap. It’s focus and consistency. If you want to find a solution to someone’s problem set a time in the day when you dedicate all your mind to that problem and do it consistently. That’s deep work. You don’t have to do it for 20 hours. Just switch off your phone for at least 30 minutes every single day. Experience quiet and think, plan and read. Exercise your mind to concentrate, to brainstorm and to be exceptional.

The world is not looking for someone who can do exactly what any six year old can do with wifi and a mobile phone. The world is looking for actual solutions to actual problems and if you don’t decide to contribute you are only, directly or indirectly, adding to the burden of the world. Yes, if you are average, it only means you are +1 to the list of people that outstanding people will boss around, fend for and levy.

Quit pseudo work. And rise.

What are some of the challenges you face with getting productive work done? Do you believe in the idea  of Pseudo work?

Love & love—O

I Found the Hack for Procrastination!

It’s everyone’s nightmare. It’s what makes us miss our deadlines and seem so darn irresponsible at important settings. It’s the reason we don’t get As or make a millions. It has a name we all know too well; Procrastination.

Like every young adult, I have also struggled with putting off things I know I should very well be doing if I really want the results I say I want but this past week, I can say of a truth I murdered procrastination with my bare hands and got all my work done. I’m here to show you how you can do the same.

First, Be proactive

If you want to be more productive, you have to be proactive. We often don’t do the things we’re suppose to do at the right time because when we plan to do those thing we fail to also plan how to tackle obstacles that might hinder us from achieving our goals. If I know I need to study and I’m sure that my phone will be a distraction, the ideal thing to do is put my phone on silent and put off my data, or if need be put it in a room far away from me. If I want to have a productive weekend, I should not go get a tonne of movies from my friend. It’s common sense but it is also so easy to miss.

Do everything you can to make your task as accessible and easy to do as possible. Set a reminder on your phone if you tend to forget things. If you know you get tired easily, pack a snack or have an heavy breakfast. Take a book everywhere if you’re trying to read more often, so that in all that down time you can get to reading. You understand what I’m saying right? Envision a problem and solve it in advance. I am aware there are some things that will come up out of the blue and you can’t plan for but those instances, if we’re being honest, are a rarity and often need more time than can be planned for anyway. Leave those impromptu instances, you will tackle them and make up as they occur. In the meantime, try what I have said first, and let me know how it goes.

Second, Change your mindset

You have to see yourself as someone that actually gets things done. If you see yourself as hardworking and productive you’ll act like it. It’s all a mind game. The reason why we’re in this seemingly unending loop of procrastination is because we’ve accept that identity. We’ve taken it as our default mode, as normal. The more I thought of myself as someone that is efficient at what I do and not lazy, the more I played it out. Even in times when I was tired, I made myself believe that I could do more and so I did. I only gave out in moments when I physically couldn’t go on, like falling asleep on my books or developing a severe headache in which case, I’d take a break.

Also, I stopped comparing myself to others or seeing myself as others. Before when others said they were tired, I’d just automatically assume that I should be too even though more often than not, I wasn’t. If other’s complained the class was boring I would start to think so too. If people were sleeping in class, it would validate my urge to sleep too. I stopped thinking like that. I decided to choose who I wanted to be even if that meant enjoying a class everyone thought was boring or being happy and content when everyone else was tired and complaining. I decided to be myself and even more so be a better me. I didn’t just do what I like, I did what I thought was best to do. You should try that too.

Stop looking for excuses or motivation, just do whatever it is you know is best to do. Here’s something I said to my friend who was having trouble getting stuff done at the office (yes, I have friends who work in offices now, I feel old)— Just do it baby! Motivation/inspiration are for mere mortals anyway. I’m allowed to say that, cause I’m born again. I’m not just a human being, God’s spirit is inside me and He makes me capable. The next time you feel the urge to shift things, change your thinking.

Third, Celebrate

When you eventually get your work done, take some time to let the giddy feeling wash over you in s l o w m o t i o n. Be happy with yourself, give yourself a pat on the back and if hugs are your thing, go ahead and hand yourself a bear hug. This works much like cocaine or alcohol. The reason people keep going back to those substance is that it has an element that triggers the pleasure centres of the brain and makes the abuser feel good. The exact same thing could happen to you when you get stuff done. You just feel good and you could get so addicted to this feel-good-feeling that you can’t wait to get another dose. All you need to do is to take that first step in the right direction and everything else will fall into place. This is actually a good addiction to have don’t you agree?

So here are the hacks I’ve found. I hope they will be immeasurably helpful to you. Take the time to practice them and see for yourself. The future is now. The future is here, don’t wait one second, grab it! I am looking forward to hearing all your success stories.

Love & love—O

22 Things I’m Particularly Grateful For at 22

I turned twenty two on the 8th of February 2019 and here are a few things I’m grateful for.

Omooba & her adorable parents all of 22 years ago. Isn’t God too good?

Grateful to be alive and heathy at such a time as this.

Greatful for my beautiful family, I’m blessed beyond compare.

Grateful for the ultimate gift that is salvation through Christ, couldn’t have saved myself even if I tried.

Beyond grateful for this identity, this freedom, this aliveness that not every one can boast of, that comes from God. And the word, because where would I be without the word of God?

Grateful for friends I don’t deserve at all. Those that always check on me, encourage me, remind me that I am loved. I don’t know how to thank you. I will never be able to express how much I love each and every one of you. You’ve shown me what love is. You’ve shown what it is to be loved. There’s no buying that. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Grateful for all my failures till date, they showed me how to win!

Grateful for the highs; all the things I thought I could never do, but I did and am doing. For the realization of being capable beyond doubt.

Grateful for people that are and have been kind for no reason. You are the reason the world still spins.

Grateful for my home church; I never leave the same. I see Jesus clearer, I am being transformed daily. E se gan ni.

Grateful for my good looks. I know I am a catch, I had nothing to do with that. I’m indebted to all who were/are involved.

Grateful for this space. It took a long time to get here, but oh how it feels like home. Here, my thoughts are engraved in time and I know I am doing some good. That is enough.

Grateful for a smile that is life giving and brings good cheer. I am glad to be the proud bearer.

Grateful for good food, because good food is a luxury and good food makes me happy.

Forever grateful for good music.

Grateful for all that I know now. Knowing is a powerful thing. Knowing has changed me entirely.

Lately grateful for women that inspire, women that are stylish, women that are smart and eloquent and confident. Women like my mother.

Grateful for my house. I love it. There’s no other way to say it; I love my house, there is no place I love more.

Grateful for the opportunity to learn medicine and meet many wonderful people and learn a thing or two about life.

Grateful for real heartfelt hugs from my mother. And for conversations with my father. All my happy spots.

Grateful for peace. Grateful for favour. Here. There. Everywhere. I hear it’s not a common find.

Grateful for the gift of me to the world, thankful for the blessing that I am and will always be.

Grateful for the future, for it’s brightness, and extra-ness and all that it is and more. Ecstatic that there can be more and there will always be more.


Love & love—O

Why Now is The Perfect Time to Live a “Boring” Life

There is a giant secret people do not like to talk about and it is the fact that rich people, I mean the kind of rich you dream about, the kind of rich that would make people say you’re greedy, the utterly ridiculously rich – not their children now; they themselves – are not on Facebook telling you how rich they are. They are in real life, working or resting. Savouring every single ounce of the world, while most of us, live, breathe, shit, eat, in a parallel universe called the internet. I just thought I should let you know that people that make real money, do not make social media their playground. The world itself, is, their playground.

If you want to be great, learn to gather the world by it’s helms and observe. If you want to be rich with not only money now, but to be a rich human being in substance and wit, you must learn that the time you have is neither short nor long. It’s just time. It’s a river that flows and the way to hold it is to make moments; real ones, with real people and real things. It’s like making new routes for the water to flow, so you can always return there, and swim. 

Do not be lost in the fakeness of the digital world that you are unaware of what is right beneath your nose. Do you know why our country is so divided? it’s because we are fond of comparing ourselves with others and hey, we have good reasons to, but that doesn’t make it a useful thing to do. The bible says those that compare themselves are not wise (2 Corinthians 10:12). We should watch, if we must, those better than us and learn, actively learn, not compare, not run away. And do you know the best fuel of comparison of any form? It’s social media; Facebook, Instagram and the like. It belittles the value of a person to numbers. When you look at your follower-count and you see five, you forget that those are actually five people, five human beings, alive and well, blessed with incredible and diverse attributes. All of that loses meaning because somebody somewhere has 55.5k followers. And you involuntarily attach some kind of value to that.

To gain popularity and a name of sorts on these platforms you are encouraged to live an eventful (but let’s be honest, eventful is not the same thing as interesting, because interests are largely relative and personal but that’s talk for some other time) life. Party, smoke, buy cars or at least pose beside dope cars, claim to be an entrepreneur, dress like the next wizkid, display tattoos. Let me tell you, super influential people in the world, do not try to make a lasting impression on the internet, they are busy, doing it for real and then other people (could even be you) bring their stories online. They don’t publicize themselves, their work publicizes them.

Things that last take time, and commitment and have I mentioned time? A truck load of it. Malcom Gladwell said it takes at least 10000 hours to become a master at something. Let me write it words;ten thousand hours bruh. It’s not chin chin. If you want to be good, please live a “boring life” and focus. Prepare.

Malcolm Gladwell

Jesus prepared for thirty years what he had just three years to do. Don’t waste time on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. Please. And stop jumping from one relationship to the other. It is not a race abeg. Nobody is going to ask you how many people you fell in love with in your lifetime. This is the time to get stuff done. To get your crap together. You are young, this is incubator time. This is the time to be boring, to take every opportunity seriously. Every opportunity. Laser focus. I don’t just mean in relation to work but with everyday experiences, learn to be present. When you gist with your friends, gist and laugh well. Enjoy the moment. When you are with family, do the same. That is how to live a full life. Be pro life. So that when you are about to die you will have much more than snippets of your Facebook outbursts and messes or the time you reached 100k followers. See, have you ever actually thought about what you have to offer those 100k people, since all you really have are just super edited selfies to hid the pimples that have made a home on your face?

Success does not jump on people, they prepare.

Live a boring life, if you don’t want to die young. And if you don’t care about dying – you just want to enjoy your life, I have a message for you: trust me, you actually care. You actually do. You don’t need lung cancer or any other health crisis. You yourself, you know. Those things are afflictions and they do not only afflict your body, they invade ever part of your life including your wallet. So, no, again you don’t need that. You need life, oxygen in your lungs. You need Jesus Christ and don’t lie to yourself, there’s nothing wrong with having money too, lots and lots of it.

Speak to yourself, focus and concentrate on the future you want and start working on bringing it to life, don’t do that by ignoring the present either, the journey is part of the joy of reaching the destination safely. In the end it will not be the end product that defines you, but the process. Now, as a sign that you haven’t wasted the last three minutes reading this, don’t go and update your status saying something like “Future things on my mind”. Please, don’t. Don’t tell us. Just do it. And remember; things that last take time. Be patient. Be boring.

In reality, being conscious of the times [future+present] isn’t, in the least, boring. But that is what society and preoccupation with the internet has led us to believe, so it isn’t that much of a big deal, if for the sake of a full life, well lived, I am called boring. So be it; I’m all about that boring life.

Love & love—O