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Wow it’s been ages. A lot has been going on o. We thank God. I was going to make this post “20 life lessons learnt in 2020” but as I was typing, I just realised God has been so good to me and I should be thankful. I should tell you guys about that instead. Give you the testimonies. I’ve shared in this list things I would have preferred to rather not share but because I want you to see just how God good is… I’ve been quite open. I do hope this encourages you to be jolly and thankful this season and always.

1. Basics of Writing course with Omooba (January). This was the beginning of my money making venture this year, even though I was really scared, God pushed me. Little did I know this would be the pattern for the rest of the year. God would still push me into many things I was literally terrified of doing. Lol. All for my good. I made double my weekly allawee in one week from the e-course. Osheyyy!

2. A new age. In February, I turned a year older. God told me it would be my year of manifestation! He continues to make it so.

3. Poems for bad days series on social media. Wrote a couple of poems for God’s children in May and ran it as a series. Feedback? Amazing. Even made a good friend off one of the poems!

4. Poems for bad days podcast. Avaliable everywhere. Jibola said let’s make it a podcast, so just like that we did it. We have about 400 listens… all over the world! People I don’t even know. Mehn… I never get accustomed to the fact that I’m on spotify! Like what? Me? Lol.

5. Grace Capsule. I was approached in church to co host this show on YouTube. I didn’t want to do it because I’ve always thought I was shy and then what will I be saying… but then God pushed me. Lol. Every time I would try to deflect, it would be like I was sinning. Didn’t know Grace Capsule was training that would come in handy in another assignment. Not to mention, it really opened my eyes to God’s gifts in me. People started to say I had good camera presence (ohoh… didn’t know that) even though my diction wasn’t always a hundred, in my opinion anyway. But that’s just God showing we don’t have to be perfect to get the work done.

6. Crossfire. First book published. I was so insecure about this book and releasing it into the world. Yet, it is my bestselling book. God used the process of this book to teach me many things about His sovereignty. It’s not about me, it’s about Him. In my weaknesses, He will cover for me and show me ways to improve. Haha. It was an humbling but much needed experience. Buy Crossfire here.

7. Uncool. Second book. You’d think once you’ve released a book once, then it would get easier but alas! The uncertainty never leaves. It was another journey of faith, trusting God and letting go. And learning, always learning. Buy Uncool here.

8. Green Hope. Third publication. Decided to make it free, as a gift to my readers for being ever so kind. Wow. Can’t believe I realised 3, maybe even 4, books in one year. Hehe. Who does that??? Download Green Hope here.

9. A car! I’m that one person that got a car before I could even drive. Haha… I know right? Even I, don’t have words.

10. The pandemic. I know what you’re thinking; how can Covid19 be one of my blessing for the year? It’s the Lord’s doing o. For me, it was a blessing in disguise. I was burning out on school and I seriously needed to rest. God gave me the rest of the year off. I know this is privilege talking, but even so I am grateful for the said privilege. I am what I am by the grace of God.

11. Selling over 250+ copies of books! What!?!!? See ehn, let’s just say the most I thought I was going to make from my books was 20k. When I saw that, okay… it’s going to be more than that.. I starting believing for 100k… Yo! I made more than double that! Nobody can tell me God is not good!!!!!!

12. Hack Medical School. Starting this YouTube channel ehn, all I can say is that God pushed me gan ni o. And barely a month after we started we already have close to a thousand views in total. Please check it out and subscribe o!

13. A brand new sleek phone! My previous phone suffered a fatal accident whilst a dive into the washing machine. it would have been a sad story but. GOD. TURNED. IT!

14. Good books. Here is the list of books I read this year.

15. Great people. My friends are simply the best. There’s no other way to put it, I am surrounded by the kindest and greatest souls.

16. Incredible music. I think I binged Judikay and Mercy Chinwo the most this year. Everybody in my house can sing songs off their albums because of me lol. I’m proud of myself. Then Justin blessed us with a new album, then John Legend, then BRYMO, asa, Uncle Burna. I discovered Stormzy too. And Ladipoe with the sick bars. safe to say, it was a great year in music.

17. Powerful, mind blowing sermons. From my home church to Joseph Prince to Kris Vallotton. Basically my three sources of steaming hot spirit meat. I’ve been so well fed this year. Glory!

18. Brain bursting revelations from the word! If you want to read some of them. Find me on Instagram @omoobaadetunji or even previous posts right here on the blog.

19. Family. My greatest gift. Everything is better with my family. I wrote about the importance and role of family in global advancement here.

20. Good Health & Protection. So many people died this year. Too many. It is by the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed. We don’t keep ourselves alive, He does! And we are returning to say THANK YOU ABBA FATHER. WE ARE SO GEATEFUL!

I’ve shared all these with you to say that GOD IS GOOD. In fact, VERY GOOD! if you are a child of God, please don’t lose faith or hope in God. Let these testimonies encourage you. If God could do it for Omooba, He can definitely do yours too. He is Lord over all. And if you’re not born again, you’re missing o. Please surrender your life to Jesus. Things did not always go my way in the year 2020 but you know what? Even on my darkest days, God was there with me, making a way where there was no way, meeting my every need. He wants to be there for you too. Don’t go into the new year without God on your side. Think about it and invite Jesus Christ into your life to stay.

God bless you beautiful people.

Wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance!

Love, O.

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