8 Books I’ve Read & Enjoyed in 4+ Months of Quarantine

When I sat down to put together this list, I realised I’ve actually attempted to read more books than I followed through on. Haha. I learnt a while ago that if you find you are not enjoying a book, just quit. You don’t have to finish it. I finish most books max in a week, no matter how long. Once my reading time is exceeding that, I know that I am forcing myself lol. And let me not lie, I actually force myself some times, especially if I bought the book with my money. And most times I read multiple books at ones. I don’t know why I’ve given you a crash course on my reading habits before I actually get into today’s gist. Don’t mind me. Anyway there you have it; a short course of how Omooba reads. If you want to peep on other book related stuff and know what I mean when I say ‘treasured excerpts’ then check out the books segment of the blog; here.

Book #1: The Let Go Life by Joseph Prince

So this book was on my book wishlist for my 23rd birthday (you can still get me those books o, I’m not doing shakara o). My sweet brother gifted me this one along side another two ( I know right? Best brother ever! PS: he is handsome, loves Jesus and single too). I started reading this before the pandemic because school was stressing my life. I had exams coming up and I was not in the best place mentally so I needed it. This book is such a gem! My my! Now I know exactly what to do when I’m stressed. It taught me how to keep my mind at peace.

Pastor Prince!

Anyone that knows me knows, Pastor Prince is an absolute fave. I talk about him all the time.

Unfortunately, I read it quite a while ago so I can’t bring you any treasured excerpts because I didn’t know I was going to do this as at the time I read the book, but hey if you are dealing with any kind of stress, get it and read it. It will change your life.

Book #2: Beyond my Dreams by Jumoke Adenowo

I had wanted to read this book since it came out, because THE Jumoke Adenowo, duh. Lol. Why not? I mean there’s just something about the way Mrs A speaks and carries herself, of course you want to be her buddy and then she now wrote a fiction book on top. Excuse me? Why will I not jump on it? This was also on my wish list and my amazing friends (Shoutout to Lolade, Dami and Tosin) got the book for me. I did not see it coming, I might have more than overreacted.

Mrs. A with the sauce!

The storytelling was a bit superfluous for me. And that’s okay, it’s a novel afterall. It’s just not my style. if you’ve read my book, you’ll know my writing is very straight to the point. I just tell the story, I’m not about to tell you the designers of the shades, dress, shoes, nail polish a character is wearing. Except it adds to the story in some way, but Mrs A delights in this kind of immaculate attention to otherwise mundane details. And as I earlier mentioned, it’s fine. Just be prepared for that when you pick up the book.
It was something of a romance novel and that made it difficult for me to read. Lol. I hate getting in my feelings, for real, for real. And I most definitely don’t like getting in other people’s feelings. I know, I’m weird. It was an interesting story though, lots of life lessons and whatnot. Would I read it again? I’m not sure. But I rarely reread books, even books I love.

Book #3: La Conferencia by Timi Adigun

Different title, same book

I loved this book. Lol. I shared it with everyone I could when I got the chance. Well, let’s start from the beginning; this story used to run as a series in Mine Magazine. Who remembers? And back then, it was quite a sensation. I remember that EVERYONE used to talk about it, and the cliff hangers were just plain terrible. To think we would have to wait about two to three months for the next edition. Urgh. It was not beans. I mean, reading it in those days was great but reading it now as a young adult was so much better. I don’t agree with everything in the book but still, I would give this story 5 stars without thought. I love Pastor Timi and the whole Adigun/MINE family so much, they’ve been consistent over the years and I just think we are so blessed as a generation to have them. Definitely a book you should read if you have a heart for teens like me. One day I will tell the story of how I have had a heart for teenagers even before I became one. Lol. True story!

Book #4: The Esther Anointing by Michelle McClain-Walters

Ah, this book was so good. I could have finished it in a day but I had to hold myself back. I wanted to really digest everything. I loooooooove that there are prayers and declarations at the end of each chapter. Had so much fun kabashing! I truly believe this book and the prayers it made me pray changed some things about me as a woman. I am actually not the same. Great book, should do a reread soon. Also, I am currently reading the Deborah Anointing by the same author.

Book #5: The Total Woman by Marabel Morgan

My mother’s ancient copy.

My mom was spring cleaning her library (because lockdown) and she found this book. Right then out of nowhere she was like, where is my first daughter? You must read this book. I have been saving it for you since I read it, I am preparing you for marriage. Of course, like every single young lady, I rolled my eyes and laughed; mom please. I collected the book regardless. Well, I wasn’t given much of a choice. Apparently, she had read this book as a single, still in school, before she ever met my dad and it so blessed her she swore that her daughters would read it too.

I was expecting the usual marriage stuff, but alas the book was actually pretty good. There were actually a lot of stuff in there I had never heard before, which is a first for me. I can be the know-it-all in the room most times, though of course I’ll pretend that I’m clueless, because peace. Haha. No, but this book legit had some wisdom! It was awesome! I’m definitely going to read it again before I get married.

Book #6: Rocky, The Man with The Mask by Micheal Ackermann

Rocky when he was still alive.

This was also one of the books from my mom’s library. This I took willingly. It tells the story of Rocky, the Mohican, a hardened criminal who later came to Jesus and lived oh so radical for him. I think this book had a huge influence of me publishing Crossfire, cause it made me remember that beautiful gift of salvation and the accompanying joy. The potency of the gospel. I shed tears when I read Rocky, cause it was hard to believe that God could do all that with someone that was considered by all a lost cause. Big deal because I’m not one to shed tears loosely. It being a true life story made it all the more urgent and apparent how I ought to live for God. Awesome book. Love it so much.

Book #7: Like a Mule Bringing Ice Cream to the Sun by Sarah Ladipo Manyika


If you want to know my type of fiction, you should read this book. I love the way it is written and I adore the brevity of it. I believe the worth of a story is not in its length but in how it creates connection; how it makes you feel and yes, creativity. I read this book in one sitting. It was sweet. Short and sweet. I mean, an average person might find it boring because nothing really happens. Lol. It’s like a montage of a brief time in an old lady’s life; nothing grand, but that’s just my kind of book. I love it more for the sentences, than for the story, just like fiction books like David Szalay’s All that Man is or Taiye Saylasi’s Ghana Must Go. It’s all about the language, the music of words on paper. Argh, I’m blushing. Nothing gets me excited like good books. Lol. Trust me my most romantic fantasies involves books. Haha.

January 2016

Book #8: Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I never wanted to read this book when I was younger because someone told me there were a lot of sex scenes. For some reason, that kept me away from the book for many many years. Loool. Anyway, a friend posted that he wanted to start reading it and I remembered that I had the book, but hadn’t read it yet. And so I got on it. Twas, like a million humans have mentioned before me, a masterpiece.

My side hobby is history. It’s why my favourite genre of film are biopics and it’s also why Half of a Yellow Sun will always hold a dear place in my heart. It gave me a chance to experience a part of my history that might have been inaccessible had it not been for its existence.


All of my sentences and vocabulary in Crossfire were most likely influenced by this book, because I went right into edit after reading this, Chimamanda’s way with words was probably all over me lol. I wouldn’t read this book again though, not because it’s not fantastic and I don’t love it but because I sucked it dry. I don’t think I’ve ever paid attention to a book, a story, more than I did when I read this one so reading it again would be odd for me. Maybe even unbearable. Funny, as I write this I can hear some of the sentences in my head! Lol. Insane! This is like a month after o. Wow. One of my favourite lines from the books is;

Happiness without ups and downs is boring.

What books have you read? What books are you reading? I would really love to know.

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