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Book Review of The Richer Woman by Omilola Oshikoya; Reviewed by ‘Tosin Salam

Hi guys! How are you doing? The covid-19 pandemic took us all by surprise, didn’t it? But we serve a God who works things together for good, don’t even worry about it. Stay safe and wash your hands. Now to the business of today, I have been able to drag my very good friend, Tosin, as you all know, to write us a review of this wonderful book. I am glad and we should all be grateful she graciously obliged. I hear she has good things to tell us but you should hear it from the horse’s mouth shouldn’t you? You most definitely should!

The author, Omilola holding her book.

OK guys, so I picked up the book earlier last week with the expectation of being taught about finances. How to manage my finances, save, budget, invest and all those personal finance stuff you know. You will not believe it! To my uttermost surprise, the book was a spiritual / marriage book. I was shocked.

It was an ‘aha’ moment for me, you know.


Yes, Omilola spoke about finances but she made it clear right from start that the Richer life is in no way ‘moneycentric’, permit me to use that word. The Richer life(woman) is one that knows that her source and uttermost obligations is to Jesus Christ, her savior. Secondly to her crown (husband) and thirdly to her gifts (children). Every other thing including career, money and other relationships follows, after these three are well watered and attended to!

The first part of this book was dedicated to the Story of Omilola. Ooooooooh my goodness!! I was dazed plus scared plus challenged plus terrified plus amazed plus every adjective you can think of! I mean, her story is the height of transparency I have seen or heard of so far. I couldn’t have imagined while settling in to read that she would be detailed to the last letter about her own life in a book.

A book guys!

A book that is accessible to every Tom Duke and Harry in our community. Who could have thought! To the point of the challenges she had in her marriage when she almost cheated on her husband

Omilola! I Stan!

I only came to the conclusion that this book could only have come to being by GOD’S
HANDIWORK. No one could have woken up to say she wants to put the detail of her life out to the world in a book like Omilola did if not orchestrated by the Lord. I am humbled! So, yes I mentioned earlier the three most important roles of a woman that Omilola talked about.

Let me give you a quick brief of each part and then go ahead to summarize the components of a Richer Woman like she did in her book.

The Father’s daughter

Here she explained that we only are because of the Father’s love towards us. My Father, God loves me despite all of my mistakes, my brokenness, my hurts and weaknesses. HE LOVES ME JUST AS I AM! And just like a ruby, I will shine as long as I stay true to my identity as the Father’s daughter and remain in my place of purpose, irrespective of whatever scar I have sustained in the course of my journey.

I LOOK LIKE ME FOR A REASON and God intends to use me that way. However, only in Christ will I find fulfillment.

I am allowed to dream big by all means but I must ensure it is God’s dream.

The Wife

I am the soil for the seed (my husband) to grow and develop in. I see his potential and enable him to reach it. Therefore, I cannot but be fertile, deep, not shallow and must also contain all the necessary ingredients my husband requires for his growth and attainment. I take who he is, what he has and expand it by virtue of my position as the Father’s daughter because I have been fortified with the ideal set of skills to build him up and bring out the king in him.

I must not allow fear push me into putting my financial needs ahead of my spiritual and
relational needs. It is my duty to water my grass to be as green as I want it because the grass is definitely not greener in the other side.

The Mother.

Being a mother is a gift and a privilege. It is therefore solely my duty to be the best mother to my children and bring the best out of them. There is no amount of success I can have if my children are not well brought up.

She talked about the olive tree and its peculiarities. You all should take time this season to study the olive tree. If I do my part, my children will surround my table like the Bible says about the olive tree when I grow old. I should invest quality time and love in my children. She explained that parenting is a lonely walk and not everyone will agree with my style, but it’s okay! However, I must involve the Holy Spirit in my parenting journey.

The Richer Woman’s ‘wheel of life’ has the following components



Work, career or achievements

Health and well-being

Friendship and relationships

Fun, recreation and rest

Money and finances


I must say that this book is indeed a blessing, a life changer. And of course I recommend it to every woman who desires to live a fulfilled, yet successful and fun-filled life.

As I pick this book tonight to write this review, I seriously am fighting every urge to read it all over again.

That is how powerful and engaging it is. And yeah! My star rating for this book, errrrrrhhhhhm, of course!

It’s a 5/5 for me.

A bunch of thanks to Omilola for giving to the Lord, I am indeed a life that has been blessed
To the Richer Life,


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14 replies on “Book Review of The Richer Woman by Omilola Oshikoya; Reviewed by ‘Tosin Salam”

Thanks a lot.
Oh yes, please go ahead.
I’m sure they will all have a wonderful time reading it.
No, it’s not available in an e-version

Thanks for reading

This is really fantastic, the little I read here made me have interest in this book… Please where can I get it… More knowledge omobolanle mi

Seeing the Richer Woman’s review by Tosin, I’ll love to search Enugu for a copy before the lockdown today.
And I will love to see the “Richer Man” book too, maybe, you can tell Omilola for us (to let her husband scribe something too) .

Great review @Tosin
Kudos to Omoobaadetunji for this awesome set up.


Haha. I actually think a richer man book by her husband would be really awesome! I’ve heard him speak and he words are filled with wisdom so maybe Tosin should really help us tell him. Lol. Thanks for reading and your kind words Josh 😊

Oh my goodness, I can’t stop laughing
Come to think of it, a Richer Man book would be nice too, lol.

I was telling a friend yesterday evening, this book is actually a blessing to the male community, indirectly.
Any man who has had his woman read this, is a blessed man. So yeah, as much a Richer Man would be nice. You are blessed if your woman reads this book and implements the lessons.

Thanks for reading Josh

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