The Rest Issue

I know you’re probably wondering what this is about. Do we even need to talk about it? I mean who makes rest an entire topic? I know it seems absurd but for medical students and medical professionals in general, rest is often ignored and even mocked. It’s treated like a sin if a medical student mentions that they slept during an exam season or even during normal school sessions. What? How dare you? How can you be sleeping when your mates are reading? How can you be attending an owanbe when your mates are reading? How can you go home when your mates are reading? Lol. Who are these mates that are always reading anyway? What do they have to show for it? Even if they have something to show for it, comparison is not an healthy motivation to do anything. We’ve talked about comparison and motivation before now? Check those issues out.

>>The Motivation Issue

>>The Comparison Issue

We need to understand that rest is an important part of the work we do. I really like this quote I found on Instagram a while back;

Without rest, a person cannot work; without work the rest does not give any benefit –

Abkhasian Proverb

This really encapsulates the interplay between work and rest. You see, they go hand in hand. You cannot have one optimally without the other. The secret to it is timing. There is a time to these things, there’s a time to work and a time to rest. Be responsible enough to maximize your time and do things at the right time so you don’t eventually put your body and mind under pressure. I know, I know, medical students always say there’s no time. Lol. But we already demystified that myth in the The time issue, you might need to check that out.

>> The Time Issue

If there is anything you should take away from today’s post, it’s that rest is vital to your work and your work is vital to your rest. Do both luxuriously and religiously. Don’t feel less for taking a break and having a good time and when it’s time to work, don’t hesitate to go hard as well. How do they say it? Work hard! Play hard! Well I daresay WORK HARD, REST HARD!

Another thing to note is that God’s doesn’t want us constantly on edge, he wants us relaxed and resting in Him because it proves that we trust Him to bless the work of our hands. It shows that we know that it’s not merely our hardwork and efforts that bring success and progress, rather it is the favour of God on what we do.

My dear friend, if you want to be doctor and happy don’t be afraid to rest when need be.

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