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State of Osun; As Seen Through the Eyes of Ajibola Oladiipo in a Week Long Adventurous Tour

Having Jibola here share his experience touring the whole of Osun is such a rare privilege for several reasons. Asides the fact that he is one of the biggest supporters of my writing and whatever I put out. He is also such a good friend. He is such a good friend in fact that I didn’t quite feel that we hadn’t met at all in person in all the 5 years that I have known him, until he came around to Osogbo, the same time he went touring the state. We were so excited we forgot to take a selfie. Can you believe that? I am also pleased to inform you that he is a fantastic writer! His writing is seamless and easy and this is such a fine and engaging read. You’ll definitely learn about Osun State too, or is it state of Osun now? I mean I’ve lived here all my life and I didn’t know most of the things Jibola was so kind as to point out in this piece. I enjoyed reading this as I’m certain you will too. Thanks Jibs for your words and willingness to share.

I have been visiting various parts of the State of Osun in the last two decades. Ile – Ife and Osogbo in particular. I never thought about documenting my experience until now. The opportunity to write about the State of Osun came 2020; I recently toured the entire State. Yes! I visited each of the 30 Local Government Areas that make up the State of Osun. I trekked! Not every nook though. For instance, I was on ever street in Iragbiji where Governor Gboyega Oyetola hails from.

I am writing this piece with mixed feelings. I write with the hope that this will plunge me to return back to the art of documenting life. It is more than a year I pulled down my blog and stopped doing one of the things I love doing. I hope your review will be favourable because I am scared I might end up wasting your time. Lol. It’s not that deep. I hope you find my article on the State of Osun worth reading.

The time is 9:20am and I was set to leave Iwo Road Ibadan for the State of Osun. I requested that the driver play KWAM 1 songs: sometimes you really want to feel among and flow with the vibe of the streets. I failed at the quest and it’s okay to embrace your failures. They shouldn’t embarrass you.

Walking through the streets of Osogbo is a thing for me; one that never gets old. Even when I arrived the city tired, touring the city was something I was excited to do. I was off to Isale Osun from Ogo – Oluwa where I was lodged. The goose bumps remain legendary. The unique blend of ancient and modern was not much of a surprise while exploring the streets of Osogbo! The people of Osun call November 27 Bridge constructed by the Rauf Aregbesola administration Ona Baba Ona (literally the king of all roads) I should tell you about my experience in Ogbagba where traders left their goods with stones as a sign of how much it costs. I read about such practices in books and the last time I saw that was in the State of Osun when I was about 5 years old.

The harmattan in the State of Osun had a raging and mercurial presence all through my stay. The mornings were crisp, the afternoons ashen with heat and the nights had me wrapped in duvets from White Plains Hotel.
Shinning my skin with Vaseline became imperative every morning while the forgotten bits between my fingers and elbows became a perfect characterization of dull ash. My lips didn’t crack so they did not have to bleed.

Ladies make sure you take your wigs off before this one…lol. My experience passing through Egbedi – Onibueja axis of Osogbo can be likened to when a dust whirlwind is starting in a far distance. Pretty to behold as long as they are far away, and swirl until they coated everything in the colours of an Ibadan roof. The narrative on Iwo – Ejigbo axis was worse. I was referred to as Grandpa when I highlighted at Ejigbo junction. Emi sweet sixteen.

For once, I realised why Osun Gubernatorial elections took its turn. You should be able to entertain people with your skills to pull enough votes to be a runner – up. As for those who stan Davido and members of the Adeleke family, I need your help. Your idol can transform the entire Ede. I mean! It’d shock you to know that only a vehicle can ply the bridge connecting Ede and Osogbo at a time. I was embarrassed because Ede is an ancient town with symbolic meaning to the Yoruba nation. The Ede Zonal Office of the State of Osun Water Corporation is either on your left or right depending on where you are coming from. Ede needs assurance!

The Nigerian Police

My encounter with the Nigerian Police is something else. I didn’t know I look like a Yahoo boy. Please rate my appearance.

My appearance

I was queried and thoroughly searched. When I disappointed the quest of the officer for any implicating material, he did let me be. It is advisable to always move with most relevant IDs. Thankfully I had receipts to my phone and camera on me. We cannot afford to trust these guys I mean. They are not our friends as they say. On the second account, one Iyanu Adeyemi, a fresh student of the Federal University of Technology, Akure who was on his way to complete academic registration was the victim. The Mobile Police Officer who had stopped our vehicle requested that Iyanu transferred NGN 30, 000 of the NGN 50, 000 in his Bank Account. He was driven away when he wasn’t cooperating. We all followed and boom! They collected the cash on him before we could catch up with them in the bush, they took him to. You know the funny thing is passengers kept saying we were delayed because God was preventing an evil occurrence. Okay o! No queries.


I had breath-taking views of nature from the bottom of the rock at Otan – Aiyegbaju. I was particular about the location because it’s been 10years I visited home (Isale Odofin). Yes! My mum is a native of Otan – Aiyegbaju and the last time I was home was during Great Grand – Ma’s burial. I noticed the developmental changes in the town. The Palace is wearing a new look.

The Elementary, Middle and High Schools in the State of Osun are a beauty to behold.
My forebears told me about Kiriji war. It was a delight seeing where the war began (Ijabe), where the soldiers had to hide (Asa) and the battlefront at Igbajo. I really wondered how our fore fathers covered such distances in the shortest possible time. The Driver was surprised I knew about Kiriji. It was a refreshing time talking about the historical war all the way from Oyan to Ila Orangun. I can only rest my case since everything they say is fair in war.


Osun people prefer home – made food and that is one of the reasons eating out is pretty expensive. Expensive for the socio – economic status of the residents. Chronicles Restaurant, Karaoke & Bar was my plug all through my stay. Lunch was fantastic and the service, even more so. You know how well I rate amazing waiters! Ope, is the reason I made up my mind to keep coming.

The visitor will not abide in a town forever: but the residents are left with no choice. I left the State of Osun on Saturday, January 25, 2020 and I arrived Iwo Road at about 1:10pm. It surprised me; how much I had missed Ibadan itself. It was no coincidence that the Governor, State of Osun, Alh. Gboyega Oyetola and his team arrived Ibadan at the same time as my friends and I. He probably trailed us. Awa legends.

Would you consider living in the State of Osun? I could get you a relatively free space in either Osogbo, Ile – Ife, Ilesha, Ila – Orangun or Oke – Ila. Oh! I forgot to tell you Osun roads are relatively good and power supply is steady. Each trip to the State of Osun has given me incredible memories and this last one gave me one to remember in a unique way for a lifetime.

1Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Ikeji – Arakeji
2The Statue of Oduduwa, Ile Ife
3Ejigbo, State of Osun
4Iwo Town, State of Osun
5 St Peter’s Elementary School, Iragbiji
6Westland University
7Ile Oodua
8 Okuku
9The Wonder Woman of Ereja Square, Ilesha
10 Ilesha
11 Osun Mall

Localities I ticked off:
Aiyedaade Local Government Area: Gbongan, Ode – Omu, Orile Owu
Aiyedire Local Government Area: Ile Ogbo, Kuta, Oke Osun, Olupona
Atakumosa East, Atakumosa West, Oriade, Obokun, Ilesha East and Ilesha West Local Government Areas: Ilesha, Ereja Square, Ipole, Iwara, Eti – Omi, Ajebamidele, Ifewara, Isaobi, Itagunmodi, Muroko, Ibodi, Okebode, Osu, Ifelodun, Epe, Erin Oke, Erin Ijesa, Erinmo, Iwaraja, Ijebu – Jesa, Rarul, Ijeda, Iloko, Ipetu – Ijesa, Iwoye, Ibokun and Ikeji Arakeji
Boluwaduro and Ila Local Government Areas: Eripa, Otan – Aiyegbaju, Igbajo, Iresi, Ila, Ila – Orangun
Boripe and Ifelodun Local Government Areas: Aagba, Ada, Iragbiji, Iree, Ekoende, Iba, Ikirun, Obagun
Ede South and Ede North Local Government Areas: Oja Timi, Ede, Sekona, Alajue, Oke Gada.
Egbedore and Ola – Oluwa Local Government Areas: Ara, Awo, Ido Osun, Ikotun, Iragberi, Iwoye, Ojo, Okinni, Ajagba, Iwo Oke, Asa, Ajagun – Lase, Asamu, Bode Osi, Isero, Ikonifin, Obamoro, Ile Ogo, Ogbaagba, Telemu.
Ejigbo Local Government Area: Ejigbo, Ife – Odan and Ilawo
Ife Central, Ife East, Ife North and Ife South Local Government Areas: Aba Coker, Oranmiyan, Opa, Okerewe, Moro, Iremo, Ilode, Ilare, Ikoyi, Eleyele , Oke Ogbo, Ifewara, Ipetumodu, Moro, Oyere, Edunabon, Famia, Akinlalu, Ashipa, Abiri, Ifetedo, Kere, Oke – Owena, Olode, Osi, Ara, Aye – Amobo, Mefoworade and Omifunfun
Ifedayo Local Government Area: I planned visiting Oke Ila but turned back at Ora. It was an extremely long journey.
Irepodun and Orolu Local Government Areas: Erin, Ilobu, Ifon – Osun
Irewole Local Government Area: Ikire
Isokan Local Government Area: Apomu, Ikoyi
Iwo Local Government Area: Oja Oba, Odo Ori, Iwo, Iwo Odidere, Gidigbo, Feesu
Odo – Otin Local Government Area: Oyan, Iyeku, Faji, Opete, Ijabe, Ore, Agbeye, Ekosin, Asi, Asaba, Inisa, Okua, Ekusa, Okuku
Osogbo and Olorunda Local Government Areas: Dada Estate, Idi Seke, Ita Olokan, Kola Balogun, Fagbewesa, Odiolowo, Ogo – Oluwa , Oke – Oniti, Oke – Fia, Oke – Ayepe, Omo West, Ota Efun, Ring Road, Olonkoro, Dugbe, , Onisekere, Oke – Arugbo, Dada Estate, Oke – Baale, Orita Iso Ewe, Oja Oba, Ona Baba Ona, Ita Olakanye, Ijetu, Oke Ijetu, Olorunsogo, Ilesha Garage, Oloruntedo, Arogundade, Isale Aro, Oke Okanla, Ataoja Palace / Police Station, Oba Ife, Oba Oke, Igbonna, Aiyetoro and Alekuwodo.

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7 replies on “State of Osun; As Seen Through the Eyes of Ajibola Oladiipo in a Week Long Adventurous Tour”

I love the write-up. Felt like I was part of the journey as I read through. So you visited Ifetedo too? Interesting!
A question. How were you able to cover that entire stretch and for how many days? I think I might consider such adventure too in the no-distant future.


I am glad you were able to catch up with me on the trip. Ifetedo is an amazing community of accommodating Omoluabi. I spent an entire week in the State of Osun. The State Capital, Osogbo was my base. You’d certainly enjoy touring the State.

Awesome piece😊 you obviously had a great time!
I might not enjoy travelling oh but it seems I’ll enjoy sight seeing. 😁
P.S-Please, go back to your blog😪

I am glad you enjoyed the piece. It was actually a great time. I might as well drag you along the next time. It’d actually be nice to have you on board sight seeing. A plus I must admit.

PS: I’m trying to ensure I keep up with the pace.

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