Things I’m grateful for // January 2020

I fought writing this because it’s just so cheesy. Like who makes a whole post on stuff they are grateful for? Haha, but I’m working on creating good habits and this kept coming to mind, that usually means the Holy Spirit wants me to do something. It’s so easy to forget the things God does for us anyway, so this is good. Even now, remembering everything that has happened in January is proving a challenge but I know I’ll remember as we go on. Of course, all that God has done cannot be put into writing, but at least here are a few things that are noteworthy. January was tagged in church as our month of greatness and I can say truly that the Lord has made me great! Hallelujah!

  1. I miraculously scored really high in a clinical exam. It was just God’s favour. Everyone in my group can testify to the fact that it wasn’t like I was the most brilliant or most eloquent but the examiner (who is known to be notorious and tough) was just easy on me. I prayed for this favour so I was so excited when it happened how I wanted it. It made me feel specially loved by God and I want you to know that God can do the same for you too.
  2. January started on a really rough note for me health wise. I woke up on new year’s day with a sensation of something in my left eye. It was slightly painful and uncomfortable. I prayed about it and ignored the pain as I usually do when something is wrong with me. But it persisted, at some point it was difficult to keep my eyes open and the eye would tear up spontaneously, not to speak of the redness (not so glaring though) so I told my parents. My dad laid his hand on the eye and prayed for me. The discomfort and pain started subsiding and about two days later my eye was back to normal! Praise God.
  3. Another challenge I had was a nagging constant headache. Wow. That was my first time experiencing something like that. I woke up with the headache and went to bed with it at night. And I dared not raise my voice during the day it would be like my head wanted to explode. I even took painkillers but it didn’t help. I prayed about it and confessed healing as often as I could. I woke up one morning and the pain was gone, I was so excited that I gave the testimony on my WhatsApp status that morning. I’m just so grateful to God for his healing and love.
  4. Provision. I needed this, I needed that and God put it in people’s heart to gift me. Or he made it subsidized such that I could afford it. That’s my wonderful daddy God. He’s the best.
  5. I made money this month. Like I made cool cash. I basically made money out of nothing. That’s God, he gave me ideas and I ran with it. I was afraid at first because I don’t see myself as the business mogul per se but God reassured me that I could do it and as they say, the rest is history. Sometimes I really can’t believe I’m making actual cash from these stuff. Thank you Jesus for the ideas and perfect execution.
  6. Decision making! Whew, I made some serious decisions this month. Some of them were really hard but I’m positive of Gods leading so I’m sure every seemingly hard step will be worth it in the future. Grateful for the grace to yield even when it’s not exactly ease.

I’m so thankful for how this month turned out. I return all the praise and glory to God. I’m definitely off to a good start. February, here I come!

If your January didn’t go according to plan, let these testimonies encourage you and believe God for a better February.

God bless you. much love, O.

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