4 Practical Ways to Protect your Joy

I consider myself a happy person, most of the time. Sometimes joy is something you have to fight for; so many things are grappling for your peace of mind but you just have to say No! I won’t let you take my joy away, I will stay happy and light. They say talk is cheap but my Pastor always says in the Kingdom of God, talk is not cheap. So talk that talk baby! Let those demons hear!

Here are some ways that you can keep your joy and stay 100% happy, all day every day. Even if you stray, you can always call yourself back home.

Do the things you love often.

Find the things that you enjoy. Good things o. I want to trust you enough to assume you know the things that are good for you to indulge in. If you realize you’re happy when you spend time with your family or in church or when you go for walks or when you explore new places or reading good books, volunteering, writing, drawing, painting, babyboy or girl please do it often. Whatever it is, do it. Always go in the direction of joy. Some people know that when they visit some of their friends they leave feeling terrible about themselves, YET these people will still visit those friends often. Why? Why do that to yourself? Free yourself of weights that way you down. Stay light. That brings us to my next point…

Create a relaxing environment for yourself. Surround yourself with people who love you.

I always say that people are the best part of everything. What actually makes the places we go and the things we do what they are are the people involved. Most times, people will determine your state of mind. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying you should place the responsibility of your joy on people but whether we like it or not people contribute to our happiness. Try to create an atmosphere of peace and love in your relationships. Let go of strive and ill intent. May God help and connect you to the right people in Jesus name.

Fill your heart with goodness.

As you guys know one of my favourite parts of scripture is Proverbs 4:23 where it says guard your heart with all delligence for out of it flows the issues of life. Everything you do is from the things that you’ve allowed into your heart. If you want to stay happy, you must keep guard of your heart. You don’t just let anything or anyone plant evil seeds of negativity in you or wash you down. As they are saying or doing whatever they are doing, you dismantle it in your mind. You don’t accept it and then get home and start dwelling on it, oh no no no. As it goes in one ear (that’s if it even makes it inside at all) it comes out the other. There’s no time to waste time guys. My joy is not on sale to anybody. It is mine. And your joy is yours as well, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Maintain your true identity in Christ. No matter what!

Listen, the fact is everything I’ve mentioned above would be of little or no use to you if you have no idea who you are in Christ. All those things can be affected based on your mood at any given point in time, that goes to show that everything stems from identity. It stems from who you think you are as a person. You shouldn’t build your joy on what you or any other person thinks of you because you (and every other human being) are not reliable. We are human and sometimes we mess up big time. We get upset with ourselves. We wash ourselves down all by ourselves. Guess what though? God is better than us. His view of us does not change. We are always perfect and good in his eyes because he sees us through what Jesus did on the cross not what we did yesterday or what we are doing today or what we will do tomorrow. Our identity is sealed and permanent in Christ. There was a divine exchange on the cross of Calvary. This gospel never loses value. It says true and it says relevant. Jesus being God, being eternally good, without flaw took on our flawed nature, paid the price for our misgivings with his holy life and rose from the grave so that we might also rise into new life with Him and live as new beings. We are no longer intrinsically flawed mere human beings instead we have been made perfect from the inside out! Woah! Glory to God!

When God looks at you, he see the best person in the world. In his eyes you are flawless. Isn’t that enough reason to be happy? I mean sometimes when I’m sad I just remember everything Jesus did for me on the cross and I recall my true identity. I mean, fam, there’s absolutely no reason in the universe to be sad or burdened when you have the cross in your front veiw. There’s nothing that I want today that God has not already provided for me through Christ. All I have to do is believe and there is no way I can believe and be sad at the same time, no! I know what I have, I know whose I am and I know who I am so joy fills my soul. I pray that in your heart of hearts you also have this realization and soon.

God bless you always! Stay joyful!

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