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9 Lessons Learnt from 9 Weeks of Posting in Ogbomosho

When Medicine clinical rotations started in October 2019, I and everyone in my group resumed in the teaching hospital at Osogbo and expected to spend 3 weeks there before moving on to the hospital at Ogbomosho. Most of us were happy or should I say satisfied with this arrangement so you can imagine our shock (an unpleasant one) when we were told to get out of their hospital and go and resume in ogbomosho 8am the next day. Lol. Of course they didn’t say it like that but they might as well have. It sucked saying the least. What made it suck more was the fact that we were going to spend 9 weeks in ogbomosho. Heart skips multiple beats. To put things in perspective, we don’t have homes in ogbomosho, it’s usually a squatting situation and then ogbomosho is a place where light and water supply is k-legged. It’s a weird place to live, especially when you’ve lived in a place like osogbo.

Spending 9 weeks there felt like we were being sold into slavery. But we got over it and resumed 8 am ish the next day. Lol. Honestly when I think about the things I have done in this medical school ehn, I almost can’t believe it. Some times it feels like a dream.

A lot can be said about the experience, cause trust me, it was something but I’ve decided to put a cap on it by highlighting a few things I learnt. Hope you also pick up a thing or two.

In this life, you must be smart.

The first basic problem was accommodation. Where were we going to stay? Squatting with a friend for 9 weeks might put a strain on the relationship and pressure on the person. And to have to cook and study and live in someone else’s space for almost 3 months wasn’t exactly a very appealing idea. Luckily for us the school released keys to a newly renovated hostel facility in the college. It was way better than we thought it would be, only that there was no light or water. Well there was water, but it was in a storex not too far away from the hostel. So we would need to fetch. Here’s the thing, the first day I and my friend, let’s call her TJ, fetched water with buckets, to put it mildly we almost died. I’m not kidding o. We legit almost lost our lives. First, the distance between the tank and the hostel building was much farther than we thought, especially when you’re carrying weights and then second we were staying on the first floor, carrying buckets filled with water up the stairs was not funny. It was work. Work that could not be combined with being a medical student. Lol. Anyway TJ came up with this bight idea of buying a hose and a huge plastic drum where could store water which we did and that solved most of our water problems. So my dear ladies and gents that’s to tell you that all the difficulty you’re facing could probably be solved with some wisdom and small cash. In this life, strive to be smart. Everything is not power power, you might just find yourself dying for something that is not even worth it.

Good people make everything better.

Nine weeks is a long time right? But you know what? It didn’t really feel long. I was surrounded by love and warmth and laughter every single day. It was major fun. Lol. That’s because of the people I had around me. You know sometimes you might be going through really hard stuff but trust me it won’t feel so hard if you have good people around. Try not to cultivate fake, superficial relationships. Invest in real connections with people. I’d advise that you be a good friend first because like the saying goes, you attract who you are.

A good church, who can find?

Ah, lol. I think I went to a different church every week of those 9 weeks, there was a day I didn’t even go to church at all because I was afraid of being disappointed. That’s no excuse I know, but that was how I felt at the time. I don’t know guys maybe you should educate me? Is it that people just go to church to mark attendance cause the churches I attended ehn, when I left I still felt hungry. I mean sometimes it was better but more often than not, it was not cool. I did not feel fed. Church is suppose to be a place where we recieve a word, direction, peace, strength for the coming week but for most of the churches I went to, especially with the sermon, it was flat. Well thank God for the Holy Spirit, he can minister to you through anything and anyone. So sometimes I got ministered to more by the music than the message. Nothing beats a rich sermon though, my goodness it’s the best part of the service. Maybe because my home church has spoilt me, I actually feel visceral pain when I’m not fed the word well in church. It hurts. It made me appreciate my home church and pastor more. If your church feeds you well, thank God for that and don’t take it for granted. If you don’t even know what it is to be fed right in church, let me know in the comments, I’ll hook you up.

The market can be fun?

Because I was basically staying with a group of girlfriends, we would go to the market every weekend to get stuff. Mostly sundays. Market runs were always fun, stressful too. Many many funny market stories are just coming to mind lol. But it was nice you know? I don’t know how to explain it, it was nice going to the market with friends and contemplating over prices and running into old friends and making new friends and enemies. Haha. The market can be so dramatic. I think most of the time, everyone is acting, ah this price is too high, I don’t have money, this is the only money I have, your goods are not even fresh, when did these things get this expensive. Haha. Oh shut up, you’re just trying to get the best deal. To an extent, I think the whole going to market everytime made me more responsible. At home, I go too but not as often and I usually already have customers and all that so there isn’t much banter or going round the market and finding things and I most certainly do not go every week. But in ogbomosho banter was the order of the day, it was annoying sometimes but also enjoyable.

Fresh bread is the best bread.

If you don’t know, know now; bread is my love language. We basically ate bread everyday. Now that I think about it, that was probably illegal or something. What were we thinking? This one time, we actually went to the bakery to get the bread fresh. We were about four and I think I was going home that weekend so I wanted to get for my family too. So imagine us carrying 6 loaves of hot bread on the street, I and TJ. I’m sure people must have looked at us and wondered, especially when we entered the college, cause we definitely did not look the part of bread vendors. Haha.

Medicine residency is a no no.

Residency in internal medicine is no for me. If it was a maybe before then this posting totally set it in stone and that’s even if I do residency at all. Clinical practice is draining, I mean I am a student and I think this, I don’t know how residents do it. It’s difficult to explain what it is like and even if it is explained, it’s unlikely you’ll get it if you’re not in the system. I just want to say that if you want to study medicine or even do residency be sure that’s where God is leading you. A few months ago I would have said make sure it’s what you want but the truth is we don’t always know what we want and what we want isn’t always what’s best for us. But God is someone we can trust with life decisions like this? So you think it would be good for you, also pray and make sure God is in it. When the going gets tough, the God who called you to it would make it easy for you.

The best teachers are those that teach you above the school stuff.

School stuff is good. It will help you pass your exams but the lessons that last a lifetime are those that have nothing to do with school but everything to do with life. I think our teachers would do better for us and for themselves if they saw us as more than just students but also human beings with cares and desires and hopes. One of our teachers had regular talks about life with us and those little talks made the days easier somehow. It made things a little more bearable and those are even the things I can really remember from all my time in that posting till now. Sometimes we don’t realise that words are seeds and they grow in the hearts of people to bear fruits. We should all endeavour to sow positive seeds.

Sometimes, a girl’s gotta have liver (plus common sense plus the Holy Ghost)

Sometimes I skipped school, and got away with it. To do that you need liver and common sense and the Holy Spirit. Lol. For those that don’t know, liver is a Nigerian slang for courage. There are days when I want to skip school and H.S will tell me no and I won’t have any peace at all until I take my bath and go to school and then something would happen in school that would make me realise why I had to be there. Life is not always white and black. That’s the truth. Someone might read that I skipped school and put their hands on their head that I’m a terrible student but in actual fact it’s not that simple. Medical school is choking to say the least, if you let them they will run you mad and not feel sorry. Throughout 2019 there was no break, to say people were burnt out is an understatement. So sometimes in other to preserve your health and wellbeing, you cut yourself some slack and give yourself a break. The world won’t end. You won’t die. You’ll be just fine. Everybody will be alright. They might not even miss you. And it’s not like you can take these breaks when you begin working, can you? You might as well enjoy whatever season of life you’re in to the fullest. But then like I said liver, common sense and the Holy Ghost are required.


It pays to have faith!

Yes! Again and again it pays to have faith. God always comes through. Wow. Where do I even start? And before I start you know people have these tendency of downplaying miracles after they have happened. For example maybe you’re broke and then someone that owes you money suddenly sends money to your account. Most people would just think that’s normal but no! That is a miracle. Why did the person pay you back at the exact time when you needed money? That’s God’s work right there. So also, during these nine weeks I have testimony upon testimony of God’s goodness. Some I had to insist and use my faith actively till I saw a desired result but you know some God just really took care of me. Like the time I forgot my phone in a public bus and the driver brought it back for me, for free? I don’t take God’s mercies for granted. No matter what, always have faith. Always be positive, because you know at the end of the day God will still do it and you’ll na be embarrassed. Be known as the one who never lost hope, who kept on believing so that when it eventually comes through, you can have mouth to advertise God appropriately. It always pays to have faith. Always.

Last night on call.

Good read? Yay!

Till next time.
Love & love, O

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