4 Reasons You Should Probably Break Things off with Him/Her Now!

Is Omooba a relationship expert? The answer is a capital NO. But I’ve come to realize it’s not everyone that has common sense when it comes to this topic. And even people that have, sometimes it’s good to get a reminder. It’s a new year, I don’t want you to stay stuck in an unhealthy relationship. Yes, I like you that much. I want you to start the decade on a good note. And don’t worry, you won’t die alone. God has preserved and prepared the best for you.

1. He/She cheats.

It is non negotiable. If they are cheating on you. Abeg. Let him or her go.

2. He/She treats you like crap.

Some of you don’t know how you should be treated so you can’t even tell when someone is rubbishing you. There is a need for mutual respect. He or she just has to respect you. I’d advise that you first of all get an handle on who you are and your worth. Then you would have a standard of how you should be treated. Let me also quickly chip in here that you should not be physically abused by anyone. It is a no-no. It is not acceptable. No amount of apology can fix it. Simply walk away, your future self will thank you for it.

3. You don’t believe the same things.

You know you are a Christian and you’re dating a cultist? What is wrong with you? What exactly do you think will happen eventually. You think he will change, hey, he won’t o. And even if he does, it won’t be because of you. That’s quite a gamble if you ask me. Beside what is it that is even attracting you to someone that doesn’t have Christ in the first place? Look, we need to sit ourselves down and be honest. Are you really who you say you are? If you say you love Jesus, why are you okay with someone that rejects him as a life partner? Why? It doesn’t make sense. And this even goes beyond the usual believer and unbeliever relationship, even in christianity, people have different beliefs and doctrines. You have to agree and it’s not only in the area of spirituality. There has to be some synergy between you two. Some people claim to be christians and are fine with sleeping around and not going to church. What do you believe? You must know what you believe and know why, so that when it is time to choose, you will know what suits you.

4. The person is making you significantly worse.

So quick question, since you’ve been in your relationship can you say you are better? If you know you can’t be trusted with answering. Ask a friend. A friend that you know will tell you the truth. If people have been complaining that you’ve changed negatively since you started hanging around your partner then you have to take a step back and reevaluate. And if need be, please let it go. You won’t die. Let them go.

The end of the relationship is not the end of the world, even though it might feel that way. You have to see that you are investing into your future by saying no to an unhealthy relationship. They will not only waste your time, they will scar you. You don’t need all that. Be wise. Step into this new season with clarity. May the Lord help you.

What do you think? Was this helpful? What are some of your dealbreakers in a relationship?

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