2019: My Best Year Yet

I apologize for the seemingly long hiatus. This site had some glitches that needed some time to resolve and I needed some time away as well. I’ve had my review ready since November and so many other articles that I didn’t get to post. So prepare to be swamped with content in the following weeks. Lol. Thank you guys for always being here, I am grateful for every single one of you. God bless you. Happy New year and decade! Have the very best of the best. Enjoy!

written 13th November 2019

I didn’t start out this year thinking it would be my best year. Matter of fact I didn’t consider it my best year so far until yesterday when I thought about writing a review and the only thing that came to mind was wow, I think this is the best year of my life so far. And it’s not like anything spectacular happened o. I didn’t graduate from medical school or get married or even get a boyfriend much less have my first child. This year was pretty mundane, but I guess that’s the beauty in it, the simplicity of it all is worth celebrating.

God took care of me this year. He saved me from many things and showed me the path to life. He walked me through every decision and difficult season. He answered my prayers. This year, I put my faith to work and reaped a bountiful harvest.

Where do I start?

January. Wearing scrubs for the first time. Lol. Sorry Titomi.

January started on a good note with rounding up medicine posting and beginning surgery rotations. Surgery was an easy ride in comparison to medicine rotations. I enjoyed it and wrote about it here on the blog. From there on out school started to become hard for me. It was draining all my energy and joy. I was not happy and it was not helping that my grades were not really encouraging me. It hurt. I was basically running on empty every day. But the Lord came to my rescue and started to teach me how to protect my joy and He started to show me that medical school was for my growth and edification. Of course, it’s easy to look back in retrospect and be grateful for every stumbling block but in real life and real time I did not understand it all at once. It was a back and forth situation. I had to and still have constantly lean into God and depend on him for strength and grace, and glory! he has remained faithful. I can say the times that I have failed are times when I did not ask the Lord for help. I’ve come to see that without Him, I am nothing. Jesus makes the difference and I am grateful.

I finally understood why community is important this year and I finally see why it pays to surround yourself with good people. But I must also say that good people are a gift from the Lord. It is God that brings them our way because I know many people desire good company but don’t have it. So hey, it is perfectly fine to ask God for good people and good friends. The Holy Spirit is reminding me now of a time when I was really praying and asking God for good female friends but it seems he wasn’t answering my prayer however it was just because back then I was not mature enough to bear the responsibility of a good, rewarding and lasting relationship with the people around me. Thank God for answering my prayers eventually and at the right time. Whatever you are believing God for, don’t give up. He will answer you. He has your best interest at heart. I usually tell my friends that life is a fight of faith. Never stop believing! What you are hoping for is just around the corner.

People saved and came through for me in diverse ways this year. People made me laugh, made me happy, gave me hard knocks in the right direction and fun memories. I have a renewed awe and affection for human beings now because they’ve made life more colourful for me and God has used good friends to minister peace, healing and love to me.

Last year, I mentioned in my review that 2019 was going to be my year of preparation. I thank God that he indeed prepared me. That I have grown so much in a matter of 12 months. I’m ready to take on the world. I’m ready for whatever comes my way. I’m ready for this brand new dacade. In this decade, I will start my career, begin building an empire, get married and hopefully have all my kids. I feel prepared for all that. I’m content with how my Esther year turned out. If you don’t know what an Esther year is, check out last year’s review. You might want to take an Esther year too.

I could share testimony upon testimony on how God surprised me with gifts or protected me from harms way or provided for my needs. To say that God is good to me is an understatement. I know it all sounds very cliche, like Omooba don’t you have problems? Didn’t bad things happen to you? Maybe I do, and maybe they did but the truth is I didn’t notice or I’ve probably forgotten. God has blinded me with goodness. I’m surrounded by blessings on every side so I can’t really see anything else. It is the Lord’s doing and it is marvellous in my sight.

You guys, please thank God for me. He has done me well. When next you say a prayer, say Thank you Jesus for all you’ve done for OmoobaJesu, she is truly grateful.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year in advance my people.

I pray the Lord will perfect all that concerns you, now and always. God bless you.

Big love, O.

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