Lessons from Luke: Chapter 14

Happy Sunday fam!

Lesson #1: Stay humble… always!

“Remember this: everyone with a lofty opinion of who he is and who seeks to raise himself up will be humbled before all. And everyone with a modest opinion of who he is and chooses to humble himself will be raised up before all.”

Luke 14:11 TPT

Humility will get you places you never thought possible. Humility will help you say grounded. And what’s more? Humility will eventually raise you up. God is always on the side of the humble because think about it… what’s there to be proud about? What do you have that God has not given you? And there’s so much more he has to give. The thing is though, like it says in Hebrews, the lesser is always blessed by the greater. If you already think you’re a big shot then there’s no way God, or anyone for that matter, can help you. Make it a point to always be humble. There’s more to gain that way.

God bless you.

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