Lessons from Luke: Chapter 13

Lesson #1: Jesus never gives up on you

Like never ever. Rather than give up he will fertilize and cultivate you. If God doesn’t give up on you then don’t give up on Him too and don’t give up on yourself. Keep pushing. Keep hoping. Keep trusting. You still have time. God is on your side.

Lesson #2: God is all about small beginnings

In the kingdom, things start small, subtly, you can barely even tell that something is happening. But no matter how insignificant, what was thought to be small will end up taking over the entire show. Your beginning may be small, but have not doubt that your ending will most definitely be grand. It’s starts small, but there’s no telling how great your ending will be. Just like the kingdom of God, we will all eventually take over! Hallelujah!

Till tomorrow, love always.

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