Lessons from Luke: Chapter 12

Lesson #1: You matter to God… so don’t worry.

I want to encourage you, maybe even plead with you to read Luke chapter 12 if you haven’t already. You will see how much you mean to God and how deeply he cares for you. You matter to God. You have no reason to worry. I like the way the passion translation puts it. It says you should be carefree in the care of God! How absolutely awesome.

Lesson #2: Be content

Remember when we talked about guarding your heart? Well this is Jesus bringing it up again. We live in an age where it’s so easy to compare since people are always shoving what they have in our faces through social media. But Jesus tells us to be content because at the end of the day, our lives aren’t measured by how much we have acquired or accumulated. No amount of money can save our lives or earn us a place in heaven. Material blessings are good but always remember that your life is worth so much more.

Have a wonderful weekend. God bless you.

Till tomorrow.

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