Lessons from Luke: Chapter 9

Lesson #1: Jesus is always welcoming towards you

Here, Jesus wanted to take some time off with his twelve disciples but the people found out and took off after him, when Jesus realized this, he welcomed them. He didn’t shun them. This is always Jesus’ predisposition towards us. He is always graciously welcoming, ready to attend to you. So don’t be afraid to take off after him, and tell him what you need. He will always answer you.

Lesson #2: He will feed you till you are filled

It says everyone ate until they were filled. The feeding stopped when they were full. God will take of you to your satisfaction. You are the determining factor for the flow. And it says when they were done, there were twelve baskets full so there’s always more where it’s coming from. Desire for more. Hunger for more. He is ready to supply.

Lesson #3: God approves of Jesus… again.

Do you remember in Chapter 3, when the dove descended from heaven when Jesus was being baptized. Here we see the same thing happen and in more explicit terms. God is saying, this is my son, listen to Him and only Him!

Lesson #4: This should be our approach to people that don’t do things like us but proclaim the name of Jesus all the same… like Kanye.

Enough said. Sometimes we see people with different doctrines than us and different lifestyles than us proclaim the name of Jesus and our first instinct is to judge them. See what Jesus said, if they are not against you, then they are for you. As long as Jesus is being exalted, allow people to be themselves. They will grow to know God more with time and do things right. You would be surprised how God can use any and everything to reach the lost. Embrace all men for the sake of the gospel. Let the love of God unite us.

Lesson #5: Stop looking back

If you want to follow Jesus, follow him wholeheartedly. The kingdom has no use for the double minded. Be single minded in your pursuit of God. Let go of your past. Let it go. God has, so who are you to keep holding on to it?

Wow. So many lessons today and I bet you there are more still. The word of God is full of treasures and like we learnt yesterday, those treasures are available to us all.

Till tomorrow, much love!

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