Lessons from Luke: Chapter 3

Beautiful people, how far na? I hope we are also reading along and paying attention to the things the Holy Spirit has to show us. If you’re not, it’s not too late to start now.

Lesson #1: Repentance and obedience was the best John could offer for a changed life. JESUS has more to give.

As powerful as John was as the forerunner of Jesus, all that he had to give was repentance and obedience to the law, which no man could fulfil in their own strength. But Jesus came with a better offer which is the gift of the Holy Spirit whom helps us to repent and obey accordingly. We recieve this gift only by faith. I really like this fact because it goes to show the superiority and finality of Jesus’ ministry, showing that indeed the glory of the latter house is the greater than the former. Believe in Jesus today and live a transformed life by the empowerment of the Holy Ghost!

Lesson #2: God approves of Jesus.

This was such a beautiful moment for Jesus and also for us. It’s a public declaration of God’s love for his son. His very own original seal of approval and acceptance. How do we know that we are loved and God is well-placed and delighted with us? It is because the one whom he loved and was most delighted in took our place as a sinner and paid the price for our sins, so that we could be welcomed into the beloved and stay therein forever. Because of the approval of Jesus we can be certain of our own as well.

Till tomorrow, love & love!

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