Lessons from Luke: Chapter Two

Lesson #1: The birth of Jesus is enough for my joy

I don’t have to look too far to find joy. The fact that Jesus was born for my salvation is more than enough reason to be glad all the days of my life. Because he came, I can live life to the fullest. There is nothing he has not saved me from. There is nothing he has not won for me. There is nothing that can stand in my way, only because of Jesus. Oh what great joy it is indeed to learn of your saviour’s arrival! I am forever grateful and I will be forever glad!

Lesson #2: Our names are not a mistake.

I first noticed this in chapter one when the angel told Zachariah what the name of the child would be and we see this also in Jesus’ case. It gives me the feeling that perhaps our names are no mistake at all. That probably angels whispered our names in our parents ears when we were born or before, especially those of us that have spiritually sensitive parents and grandparents and probably we should also be sensitive when we name our own children because obviously God cares about names too.

Lesson #3: Sometime we forget the things God has told us in the past even when they stare us in the face in the present.

I don’t know about you but when I read the bible I like to ask questions. How come his parents didn’t understand that he had to be in his father’s house? Had they forgot he was the messiah? Had they forgotten the miraculous circumstances of his birth? All of a sudden Jesus was just an ordinary boy to them, their son. I think this happens mostly when time has passed between when God makes a promise and when we start to see the manifestation. We would have forgotten the fine details of it and be surprised by the reality of it, question it even. Let’s learn from this, let’s hold fast to the promises of God. Let’s keep them in the four corners of our heart, close to reach so that we would not be taken aback by the fulfillment of the promise. We would know exactly what’s going on. And we would acknowledge it as Mary did later in the chapter, holding all that happened close to her heart.

Thanks for reading. God bless you. What are the things you noticed while reading Luke 2?

Till tomorrow, love always.

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