Lessons from Luke: Chapter One

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Happy Decemberrrrrrrrr!!! I’m so excited! Can you tell? Haha. So, this flyer has been going around for some time now and I thought it was really cool.

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Then, when I began to read the book, I kept making notes and it just hit me that I had to share this stuff. So here I am sharing. I want to encourage you to read the book of Luke as well and share what you learn in the comment section so we can rub minds and learn more about our beautiful saviour together! Let’s go.

Lesson #1: Words are the measure of faith.

This was the Angel Gabriel’s reply to Zachariah when he brought him news that he (Zachariah) would soon be a father.

This was Zachariah’s response to the news:

And Zacharias said to the angel, “How will I be certain of this? For I am an old man and my wife is advanced in age.”

Luke 1:18 AMP

This was how the angel knew he didn’t have faith. It was by the words of his mouth. Your words show what you believe. And what you believe will eventually come to pass, that’s why they had to block Zachariah’s mouth. He would have used his own mouth to destroy his miracle. Here’s the lesson for us; always speak life. No matter what, let your words reflect faith. Let your words reflect your belief in the God that is able to do the impossible. And as you believe, so shall it be unto you.

Lesson #2: God has already prepared a testimony to encourage you on your journey.

You know sometimes when you feel God’s leading in a particular direction, I had to put it like that cause let’s be honest, not all of us will see angels. But we all get nudges in one direction or the other. Sometimes this nudges look impossible just like when God told a virgin she’d have a baby. For you, you might be at the bottom of your class and God is telling you, you’ll graduate as the best. It seems like a joke right. That’s probably how Mary felt. But guess what? God had already prepared a miracle to show her that all things are possible, by giving Elizabeth and Zachariah a child in their old age. It was for Mary’s edification. That also shows us that our miracles and testimonies are not for us alone. They are for others to, to encourage and edify, so let’s no hide the things God has done for us. Let us share it, for God has prepared us for such a time as this. Indeed, He has blessed us to be a blessing.

Lesson #03: There’s always a season of preparing.

There’s always a time for lying low and preparing for your manifestation. You will not always be in the limelight, because you can’t grow in there. When you’re on stage it’s performance time, so take your time to prepare well. Take your time to grow and develop. Most people don’t like seasons of preparing, but your manifestation can only be as good as your preparation. Embrace the process, enjoy it even. If you’re single, enjoy it. If you don’t get to spend alot because you’re saving and investing a lot, enjoy it. If you can’t socialize as much because you’re preparing for exams, enjoy it. If you’re praying and fasting and going on retreats to prepare you for your ministry, enjoy it!!! Because dear friend, your days of shining are almost here and it will be worth it because you’ve prepared well for it. And because you’ve prepared well for it, you will know how to keep it.

That’s it for today guys. What do you think? Did you also read Luke 1? what did you get from it? Be sure to read Luke 2 before tomorrow.

Till tomorrow, love & love.

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