Why You Should Watch UBA’s Traders Documentary Series

Indeed there is dignity in labour. That’s all I can say after taking my time to watch the four part documentary series curated by UBA on YouTube. In total it lasts about 30 to 40 minutes, each spanning a maximum of 10 minutes and I tell you it will be worth every second that you watch.

First of all, the cinematography is stellar, simply amazing. I don’t know who the videographer is, but I want to know. The work speaks for itself and to say it is excellent is an understatement so be rest assured that it will be a viewing pleasure for your eyes.

I like this documentary because it tells raw stories of men and women from different tribes across Nigeria who have made something of themselves through business. I’m not sure why these stories appeal to me. Maybe because it proves that Nigeria is not completely hopeless, that given some time, hardwork and dedication, everybody can make it.

I’ll talk about them in the order in which I watched them.

The Balogun Feature

The first tells the story of a young woman who came to Lagos with the hopes of starting a big business in the 80s. She soon realized she would have to start small, very small. But now she has her own brand of Ankara. She designs, produces and sells. Her products are beautiful and so is her story.

Watch here.

The Abeokuta Feature

The second is set in the ravishing city of Abeokuta. I have been to Abeokuta in Ogun State just once. It was nice seeing familiar places on film again. We are drawn into the story of a woman who has been into the Adire business since she can remember and has also managed to indoctrinate her children into this business as well. She expresses deep love for our culture and talks about the versatility and beauty of our material. Hers is lovely story, with even more lovely adire to feed your eyes.

Watch here.

The Alaba Market Feature

The third is the story of an igbo business man who started with buying and selling but has now grown so large to manufacturing and selling his own appliances with branches across the country. It all tends to sound like a fairytale but we don’t also fail to see that these individuals have paid the price whatever they seem to be enjoying at the moment and it was not always easy for them. They had to make sacrifices. We should all be prepared to take risks and make sacrifices to see result. There’s this one thing the man said that I dont think I’ll forget anytime soon; something along the lines of… people want to enjoy on Monday what they should wait for till Sunday. That is we should be paitent and give things time to grow and accumulate. There’s a lot to learn from these videos if you listen closely.

Watch here.

The Aba Feature

The fourth was the most surprising for me. It told the story of shoe makers. People who actually make shoes from scratch. Their work shed does not look like much but you’d be surprised with the variety, quality and quantity of shoes these people make, on a daily basis. My mind was blown.

Watch here.

UBA did a fantastic job putting this documentary together and I’m grateful they did as I’m sure you will be too when you watch it. Let’s have more of these, more stories of successes in our community. Inspiration is all around you, just open your eyes and be inspired. I know that there is a lot about our nation to make one sad but there is also a lot to inspire you, choose to be inspired.

Love & love—O

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