#1 Meditations on God’s love: First of all, Fall in love

The bible says, there’s no greater love than this; for a man to lay down his life for a friend. (John 15vs13)

Yet it appears God’s love is yet greater than this, seeing as we were not his friends when he gave his life for us. The bible lets us know that while we were sinners he died for us (Romans 5:8). God’s love is not something that can be wholly described and understood. It demands to be experienced. Which is why God didn’t just pay our debt of sins but also with a violent tenacity woos us to himself, everyday, even now. He desires for us to know him intimately. And since we know that God is love (1John 4vs8) we can infer that in God wanting us to know him, he really just wants us to know love, true love. He desires to be let into our hearts and fill us up till we overflow. Someone said the flaw of the human design is the longing for love. Trust me, it is no flaw or mistake, love is our birthright and only God can give us the perfect doses.

Paul prays for us all in Ephesians 3vs19 that we might comprehend the love of God that is without comprehension. Isn’t that a contradiction? To comprehend something that is beyond comprehension sound pretty much like a miracle. The only way to know the father’s love is to have it happen to you. You must allow yourself to fall into this love, you must allow yourself to be loved by Him. God is not one to force himself on you. He respects you enough to give you a choice, even though he knows this is the best option for you. He is not a tyrant. He is with you now, like an heavy cloud laden with rain, ready to pour down on you, only if you would let him. Open up. He is here for you. Don’t hold back. Let your guard down.

Perhaps you thought it was easy for Jesus to die for you, it was not. We learn in the bible that his sweat was like blood on the night he was to be executed for a crime he did not commit (Luke 22vs44). He was in great distress but guess what? He went through with it anyway because he thought you were worth it. Even today, he still thinks you are worth it. You are not just anybody to God. You are a prized treasure. You are his beloved. He loves you dearly. If you don’t believe me, ask him to show you in a unique way, and he will. I know because I’ve taken advantage of daddy’s love many times and you should too. In fact by all means every day, take advantage.

I know this is all probably nothing new but isn’t it funny how we can know so much and never actually really believe it or put it to practice. I challenge you to put what you know now to the test. Actually get comfortable with God enough to let him see you, flaws and all and then see his love come through for you.

What manner of love is this that we, the sinners, the outsiders, the rebels, the novices, mere humans, works of his hands, are called children of God? A great great love is what it is and he is more than willing to write the greatest love story of all with our lives if we let him. So I beg you today, now, let him love you.

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