4 Weeks of Community Medicine

Community Medicine is the public health of medical students/doctors. I don’t want to bore you with the details so let’s say it like that. We started the posting with exams from another department, that might sound odd but this is medical school, nothing surprises me anymore. Because of the nature of first week of posting most people just decided not to come to school and then after the exams were finally over some people decided to take a one week break, but of course, not me. Lol. I did not miss a single class even in the midst of exams sometimes I wonder if that was a rewarding choice. I still don’t know the answer. For the first two weeks I was quite invested in the classes and learning, being that I was still burning off stream from how tough the preceding exams were. I wanted to do better. I’m not sure I can say I did.

Compared to other postings, community medicine was lightweight, close to weightless sef. I later starting find the classes unbearably boring though. I felt, and these are just my feelings nothing more, they were just using big terminologies to complicated things that most people already know. I lowkey felt like my brain was wasting away. Lol.

3rd week came, where my interest was already waning and I had started reading other books in class; something I literally never do. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t even touch her phone in class, now imagine me getting totally lost in Michelle Obama’s Becoming, that’s to tell you how bored I was. That’s a pretty good book by the way, I’ll do a review once I’m done.

Luckily for me, by Wednesday, we went on a field trip to Waterworks Ede, Osun State. We learnt about large scale water purification and took way to many pictures. We were all overly excited and giddy. What would you expect? We’re medical students. We don’t observe public holidays. We’re always preparing for one exam or the other. We barely have time to do our own laundry, talk of having fun so apparently all that made an absolutely normal field trip seems like a joyride. I enjoyed it.

Now that we knew how fun things could get on a field trip, we meticulously planned how the next field trip the next day would go, down to how we would sit and how would bring a bluetooth speaker so we could jam some music on the way since we knew we were going a longer distance. The day arrived and we were to visit some inmates in a Prison, now called correction services, in Ogbomosho. Things didn’t go exactly to plan but at least we got the bluetooth speaker part down. I got to listen to some of my old favourite songs and sing aloud with my classmates. Haha. It was so freaking fun! Such fun memories. I think these are actually the best parts of medical school. Community Medicine is such that Fridays are mostly free days so that was another reason to be happy that 3rd week. I was going to have a long happy weekend.

4th week was a blur to me to be honest. Wednesday we had a seminar where the whole class was split into groups and then each group had to present a topic. I was the only girl in my group so naturally they pushed me to speak first. I know I might come off as an outgoing person, but I’m actually not so I wasn’t surprised when I heard my voice shaking as I spoke. I figured I’d get better as I do it more often. Might as well start now. In other news, I looked real good for my presentation, or so I was told by many. Tosin made my top, she also made my black gown and kimono in the previous pictures from the field trip to Ede. If you haven’t read Tosin interview, you should here; The Fashion Designer Medical Student; Tosin, and you can follow her label on Instagram @paancy. She’s amazing.

Presentation look.

Up until Thursday, I didn’t start preparing for the end of posting exam. Very unlike me, infact I almost can’t believe I pulled that kind of stunt. As in, community medicine bored me guys, even reading it was a chore, but we did it eventually! Took the exam today and it wasn’t bad. Pray for me o.

Don’t let me fool y’all into thinking med school is all roses, obviously it’s not but even aside all the stress and gragra. There’s the staggering reality of failure. Normally I wouldn’t talk about this, but I feel that God wants me too. Yesterday I got back results from an exam/ test I prepared hard for, like insanely hard. I’m a laid back person so I have a tendency to really not taking things very seriously, but I took this one seriously because we had started the posting when I had just seen my Paediatrics result where I flunked and I knew that one was my fault, so I gave myself sense and decided to work hard. And I think I did sha, maybe not enough, cause there’s always room for improvement. Anyway, the results came in yesterday and I had a lower mark than I did in Paediatrics. Haha. Funny right? Actually not funny at all. It didn’t matter that I had passed one (barely, where some people were scoring eighties fa) and failed the other. It wasn’t enough. And fam. An adult cried. Lol. I wanted to bone it o and I did that for several hours after I saw the score. But after a while. I just cried and said God I’m tired. Cause I was and to think I was in the middle of preparing for another exam. The situation surrounding the exam itself was funny too anyway. Should I tell you? Well you’re still reading so I guess you’re enjoying the gist.

The exam was actually pure past questions that I had but never solved even though I had solved others. I found that out after the exams. The whole thing was depressing that time too, but Omooba is a woman of faith so I actually didn’t think I would fail. It didn’t cross my mind even once. I thought worst case scenario I would score 50. But alas! That would not be the case. I was heartbroken guys. I kind of still am, but God is good. And all things work together for my good. And all things are possible with God. In good times and in bad, God’s word is true. Maybe there’s still more buckling up to do here and there, maybe all my hard work is being stored up for where it will be needed and not just to gather bragging rights for the time being. Maybe I just need to keep pushing and trusting Him and asking for more wisdom. Above all, I am not my grade, I am who God says I am. I am a success. I produce and see good results. I will keep on believing and saying it until I see the tangible proof. Better put, I will keep believing and saying it that I may see the tangible proof. Same goes for you, you are who God says you are! Arise & Shine! It matters little what has happened or is happening now. You are who God says you are.

Big big love to you my people!

Till next time,
Grace & Peace!

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