Medify NL: #05 The Complaining Issue

Hi guys!!! Missed me? I sure missed you. How are you doing? Feel free to actually tell me if you need someone to talk to (send me a email at I’m thinking of putting up a happy medic online class soon, what do you think? Would you enroll? If yes let me know in the comments. If not, tell me the kind of online course you would take that would help solve some problems you face in med school and life generally. I’m here to help. That said, let’s talk about what we have for today—complaining.

Medics always have an excuse for complaining. That doesn’t make it okay, especially since complaining doesn’t actually make anything better. In fact, it makes matters worse. It a big minus as it often leaves you with a sad mood and gloomy outlook on life, so why complain? I think the reason why most of us do it is because it is so easy and we belong to a culture that entertains it, it’s almost like the way medical students bond is by complaining and grumbling about how bad things are for them and how they don’t get to enjoy life. I’m so rolling my eyes because it’s all quite counter productive and it portrays us as irresponsible and lazy. I know it’s hard, I’m in the same shoes, but no amount of complaining will change that so rather than to grumble, I’d prefer to do other fun things. I suppose we also fall into this temptation because we feel we don’t have a choice, we feel when challenges rise up against us, we don’t have a choice in how we react, we are subject to circumstances, we just must whine. All lies. We can take control, we can look the challenge in the face and laugh (especially after trashing last week’s issue) and then proceed to figuring out how to handle the problem.

Because I know these things are easier said than done, I’ll share 3 ways I combat complaining.


You guys there is actually so much to be grateful for. I don’t know where to start. Can we begin from the fact that you get to be alive? What an immense joy! And you get to go school!!!! Not just any school, medical school. You get to learn way more than most humans can boast of and you have a real chance at saving lives. Like a real chance. I don’t know about you, but I count that as a privilege. I can’t believe I get to live this life! Does it sound like too much hype, well the hype is well worth it and true. It’s about perspective. Be grateful!

Do things that make you laugh.

Have you noticed that you can’t laugh and talk at the same time? Lol. True story. Laugh joor. Forget your troubles. Let it go! Some of us are so funny ehn, like you’ll actually hold on to your problems like say na die. You’re even wicked to yourself. Someone will be try to play with you, make you laugh and you will just bone face shaaaa. Lol. Allow yourself the space to be free. You will be alright. Laugh!

Think of the situation as making you better.

If I were to choose the most important point, I would choose this one. It has helped me the most. The truth is challenges make use better and stronger. The tougher it gets the better you become. I’ve learnt to just approach every challenge with a good attitude, almost like a gift. You know when you’re playing a game on your phone (I’m not really a gamer so forgive me if some of the references are not perfect), for each challenge that you overcome you move to the next level and you might even gain points or lives that you will use further in the game to gain more points and go higher. It’s the same way with life, you need to scale through some tough times, to build capacity to be able to handle more as you grow. You don’t know where you will need the endurance and perseverance you are learning now. Your live is long and fulfillment is not always found in the easy way out, sometimes it’s on the highroad, cause those are more rewarding!

I hope you’ve been medified! Don’t forget to let me know if the online class idea makes sense and if not, what topic would you take a class on? Love you guys. Have a blessed week.

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