Medify NL: #04 The Confidence Issue

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The Confidence Issue.

It’s safe to say this last week, my confidence took more than a few blows which explains why this week’s newsletter is coming a bit late. But heyy I made it, didn’t I?

Confidence in medical school and in life generally can be a tough road to follow because it’s as though your identity and self worth are always being put to the test, like you constantly have to prove yourself. It can be draining and if you’re like me in anyway, it can mess you up.

This is a hot topic and I want to be honest—confidence cannot be taught. It’s not a skill. It’s a choice. It’s a matter of belief, you either believe for the best or you don’t. Sometimes you choose to believe despite the odds, because it’s either that or despair. It’s seems like a very easy thing to do right? (Shebi it’s just to believe?) you’d be surprised it’s not. That’s why so many people have a hard time maintaining confidence. It helps if somebody believes in you first, which is why today I’m going to talk about Jesus.

Here’s the thing, we all know we’re not perfect. We all make mistakes. We all know at one point or the other we’ve come short of deserving good things. And no amount of brainwashing takes that knowing away. That’s where God comes in. There was a divine exchange on an old rugged cross many years ago where God already paid the price in full for all of your inadequacies so that you can live without guilt or insecurities. I know this gospel is popular but so many people do not live it out. Guys, let’s live it out. That’s where the power’s at— the living it out.

The moment you remember that you’re not enough, you should also remember that God is enough and you are His. This doesn’t make any differences though if you don’t believe it. You see, everything else fails; you fail, people fail, quotes and motivation fails, meditation fails but I dare say GOD DOES NOT FAIL. HE JUST DOES NOT. Your confidence should rest in his infallibility. That’s the safest place to be. Change your perspective and this confidence thing gets a ton easier.

Here’s a different way to look at it, because of God, YOU CANNOT FAIL. Because He has redeemed you, made you new, called you into his family, you are no longer just anybody. YOU GOT THIS BECAUSE GOD AND ONLY GOD. And because you know who you are in Christ you can keep that confidence and continue to feed it.

But then you might be wondering, what do I even need confidence for, is it not to read and pass? Well, you’d be surprised that there’s so much you cannot accomplish without knowing who you are and being unresolved in reaching your goals because you know you are capable. If you don’t have confidence, it will reflect on the choices you make. You will always see yourself as less than and incapable of more.

There’s a danger in looking to ourselves for this kind of confidence, and it is the truth that we are simply not enough, sometimes we make mistakes, big bad mistakes. If you’ve put yourself on a high pedestal, your falls will be pretty hard ones because you’re quite a distance from the ground. It’s better to put your trust in God who you can be sure does not fall or fail, even when it looks like you are loosing, you can be confident that you are winning because there are so many ways God can change a situation for your good. There are so many blind spots your eyes cannot see. Just believe. Don’t stop believing. If you need to fight to keep your confidence alive, do it! Best believe I’ll be fighting along side you.

Have a great week ahead guys! Don’t let anyone or anything steal your confidence. I promise to do the same.

If you found this helpful, please share. Till next week, stay medified!

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