The Social Advocate Medical Student; Oreoluwa

This feature series has become one of my favourite things to put together for this blog because it affords me the opportunity to meet some of the most intelligent and resourceful people around. Today we get to know Ore, someone I have admired from afar for her good works and bold spirit. It’s a real pleasure to have her here, and I’m sure you’ll be inspired as I was inspired. Enjoy!

Introduce yourself however way you like.

My name is Oreoluwa Olukorode, a medical student at the University of Ilorin, Nigeria. I’m a public health enthusiast and an advocate of Sexual Reproductive Health and Right.

The presence of several social factors affecting women and children made me interested in the non profit sector of which I am now the Kwara State coordinator of One Voice Initiative -and international NGO that focuses on the emancipation of women and children.

I must say that I have a passion for effective leadership. I currently serve as the Public Relations Officer of my Students’ association, The Ilorin University Medical Student Association.

Oh, I love sports and fashion a lot. I’ve won medals in Tennis in various competitions (although not international) but we’re getting there. I own a small fashion designing business too, although time has been a major factor.

How you started?

I believe in personal self discovery.

During my time as a medical student at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, I was exposed to a lot of issues affecting Youths and children. My passion for humanity and dedication to accomplishing the sustainable development goals drove me into wanting to affect and change my community and even the world at large.

I believe networking is a major factor in effecting change. I have had the opportunity of meeting a lot of Young leaders with the same mindset as me and that has really helped in broadening my horizon.

Challenges you’ve faced and how you deal?

The journey so far has not in any way been easy. You know, trying to maintain a balance with school and extracurricular activities and sometimes missing amazing opportunities whilst trying to prioritize academics.

People around don’t even make it easier, everyone has something to say to discourage you cos they don’t share in your goals, and that is okay.

What drives me to keep striving hard each day, trying to be a better version of me alongside changing my community is how bright I see the future.

A lot of things would try to discourage you from achieving that dream but you have to push even harder and not quit.

How do you balance things with medicine?

Balancing all I do with medicine is still something I’m trying to be perfect at. The primary goal remains being a Medical Doctor in the nearest future so I try to not get carried away.

Of course I miss classes sometimes but I try to catch up by meeting the zealous classmates for explanations and notes. Oh and when it is about a month to exams, I focus squarely on academics.

A word for a fellow med student or med student to be

It would definitely not be easy, I mean being a 21st century medical student (as I like to call it). You have to learn the art of time management. Also, getting a mentor that is doing amazingly well in line with your goals is important.

Whatever you’re doing, no matter how small, keep at it. Remember, you’re in charge of shaping your future.

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