Meet This Morning Elect-Elect Student, Afternoon Entrepreneur & Night Software Developer; Oluwaseun

First of all, introduction

I’m Samuel Oluwaseun Adesina aka “AGAPE”. I am a student in the morning, an entrepreneur in the afternoon and software developer by night 😊. I’m passionate about building solutions by leveraging on technology. Because of my love for tech, I have volunteered in numerous tech events and also co-organized a 2 weeks skills acquisition program that taught children and teens the basics of general computer knowledge, web development, and graphic design.

What do you study in school currently and what is it like?

I currently study Electronics and Electrical Engineering in the prestigious Ladoke Akintola University of Technology. To be candid, this course could be very tiresome at times considering the huge amount of course materials to cover and dedication it requires because of the fact that I’m involved in a couple of other activities but above all this, it is a course that pushes you beyond the limits you set for yourself and makes you learn how and why things work as well as how and why they don’t work which is quite interesting and engaging.

Any side hustles?


As a result of my love for the African culture, I co-founded a platform called LUBUMI in 2018. The major product of which is is an online store that connects customers to original and affordable African wares and products while promoting partner brands.


My major side hustle is Software Development which I basically chose because of my passion for building solutions that will ease human activities. Presently, I am a full-stack web developer for a firm.

Any challenges? And how do you deal?

The major challenge I faced initially was not having enough resources which I overcame by building my interpersonal relationships with others by leveraging on using the skills I had as a service in exchange for what they could offer to achieve my goal. However, that paled in comparison to the lack of confidence or rather lack of enough confidence that I felt on certain occasions when trying something new. Over time, I overcame this by the wonderful people through their encouraging acts and trust.

What keeps you going?

The thrill of providing solutions that bring smiles on people’s face and the corresponding joy/satisfaction it gives keeps me going to do and achieve greater things.

A word for anyone with a desire to do what you’re doing?

You might feel that your good is not good enough even though you are given it your all, you want more but you feel you can’t achieve more which makes you feel down but then when you realize that the little things you’ve been doing have an impact and you get positive feedback on how the little you’ve been doing inspires others, let that lift your spirit and keep you going which is more than enough. Finally, don’t be scared of letting your light shine!!!

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