8 Weeks of Obstetrics & Gynecology

My experience with O&G was bitter sweet, first bitter then it got sweet towards the end because the workload reduced. It’s been a week since I left that department and I must say I don’t miss it. Although it’s the least toxic rotation but I guess traditional clinical medicine is just not for me. There’s was a time during the posting when I thought oh this is actually cool; I could help women, I can specialize here but then when I started really studying the material, I realized I didn’t find the material overly interesting. It doesn’t strike as something I want to spend my entire life studying. I’d be miserable. Let’s me not assume you know what O&G is about.

An obstetrician-gynecologist, or OB-GYN, is a healthcare professional that specializes in female reproductive health.

People trained as OB-GYNs specialize in both obstetrics and gynecology:

Obstetrics involves working with pregnant women, including delivering babies

Gynecology involves the female reproductive system, treating a wide range of conditions, including sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and chronic pain.

It’s also an interesting specialty in that it combines both medicine and surgery practice which is not so common in other specialities. That means specialists administer drugs and if need be also perform surgeries so they are physicians and well as surgeons. How totally cool!
There were good and not so fun sides to O&G posting. Let’s talk the not so good first and get it out of the way.

First Day on the Job!

First, the hours were long. As per people are sure always pregnant or are trying to get pregnant hence there’s always work to do but I must also mention that most of the time, it’s work that is very enjoyable to do. There’s nothing quite like helping to bring a child into this world safely. Nothing! When you see a child born, that feeling can’t be described. Maybe that’s why I was infatuated with the idea of becoming an Ob at first. Lol. It’s pretty amazing.

The gyne side of things isn’t so amazing though. We deal with abortions. In medicine, we interchange the word miscarriage and abortion and we have different types which I will not get into but I’m just putting it out there so that you won’t picture a teenage child getting an unwanted pregnancy terminated every time I say abortion. Abortions or miscarriages are actually very common and it’s sad. Then there are also predominant cancers, prolapse, ectopic pregnancies, pelvic inflammatory infection and the sorts. It’s not a fun sight. Doctors really do help in these matters and it’s in times like those that I am grateful for medicine.

Unlike Pediatrics, we were taught to stupor in O&G. I can boldly say I really learnt a lot and that made me happy.

Lucky enough for us, there’s were a lot of national holidays around the time when we were in the department. At least an holiday per week. It was like God was smiling on us and giving us a gift for going so hard the last couple of months. Although some people still had to be on call on those holidays but I thank God I never had to be, oh on second thought I think I did just once but it wasn’t a full day and we had a good time managing a case of labour.

Oh, Labour! I haven’t given you guys the gist on labour pains. It is not funny at all oooooo. It is difficult to watch and to think one day I will go through the same. Lol. The Lord is my shepherd. It’s good to remember that the labour pains do end and every mother is always overjoyed and contented at the sight of their child. They never regret the pain. So I guess I can say I’m looking forward to my time.

A lot of other stuff probably happened that I can’t remember. It seemed to have all passed in a blur. I was going through stuff personally and trying to figure things out so I didn’t take to heart many things that happened during the posting.

In all it was good, I came out better. I can’t believed I’ve spent about a year in clinical school now. Time flies! I’m grateful for the journey. A friend posted on his status the other day that we forget that this was exactly where we wanted to be a year ago and are consuming about where we will be next year. And that so true! This time last year I wanted to pass my MB so bad and be where I am right now, but now that I’m here I cannot wait for my induction to come. Lol. So I’m learning to stop and be grateful. God has been good. I’m living my best life. I’m exactly where I am suppose to be!

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