The Fashion Designer Medical Student; Tosin

Tosin is bright, kind, tough, smart, creative and she’s one of my personal favorite people on the planet. I’ve spent the last couple of months getting to know her and to say she is one of the most interesting and beautiful people I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing is an understatement. I know you’re probably thinking by beautiful, I mean her looks but I don’t. Although she is very (very very very) easy on the eyes, the real beauty takes you in when you sit and have a conversation with her or watch her relate with others. I guess the second thing people notice about Tosin, asides the obvious is that she dresses well. There’s always that hint of, oh of course that’s Tosin coming this way because only Tosin would wear something like that, with the right fit and walk to go with it. So imagine my shock and complete awe when I found out she actually makes most of her dresses. We should consider ourselves lucky that she’s opening herself and her work up to us in this way. It’s safe to say we’re in good company and we’re in for a treat!

Introduce yourself however way you like.

OK, I’m Salam Oluwatosin Omobolanle, a medical student in Ladoke Akintola University of Technology.

I’m a fashion designer also
Errrrrhmmm, what else?? πŸ€”
OK, I’m a lover of fashion.

How did you start?

I started after my pre degree program. I was in a split of what to do with my break. Whether to work and make money or go learn how to make clothes.

I actually opted for fashion design because of the disappointments I had with my fashion designers. They either don’t get the style I want or I don’t get my dress in time. Then, I have a taste for how I want to look. I felt styling myself would do the trick.
Hence, my choice of fashion design.

What are some challenges you’ve faced and how you deal?

Oh, quite a number.

Learning didn’t take it easy on me. It was frustrating. I seemed not to be getting it. It was easy to put pieces together and get a dress ready but cutting and designing was really difficult to learn.

At some point, I felt I should just leave it since break was over.

But my trainer was quite encouraging and helpful then my mum was quite supportive too, bought me an industrial sewing machine which was quite easy to use and she gave me fabrics to cut and learn with. That really kept me going, having a sewing machine and fabrics. So, practice overtime made me master the skill. Then, I went back to where I trained during semester breaks and lautech strike was also a plus.

My present challenge;

Sometimes I feel ‘uuuuuuuuuuurrrrrghhh, can I just get done with this whole medicine thing alreadyπŸ™„?’
You know (smiles)

Yeah, it actually hurts when ideas flash in my head and I can’t just execute it, I can’t just get into the market, get some fabrics and set out.

Yes, you know what is, TIME

I think clinical school is worse at handing spare time over to you. But of course, you can trust, I sneak out on weekends, giving myself loads of reasons why it can’t just be medicine alone. I go home, (usually, I have fabric readily available in my wardrobe) stay glued to my sewing machine, having sleepless night. ( yaaaaaaaaaas, the only thing that keeps me alert and my eyes spontaneously open at night, without stress πŸ˜‰)

What keeps you going?

My love for looking good and classy keeps me going.

Then, the fact that I get dresses done the neat and classy way I want it keeps me going.

The success of a dress made gives me the drive to do more

How do you balance things with medicine?

Hmmm, this is the most challenging thing.
A clash between my love for fashion design and my love for medicine.

Dr T!

So, what I do is take time out from medicine from time to time,say once or twice a month or as often as the need arises, get clothes from my clients to make, make clothes for my mum and I.
Then, at some point, I felt medical school was giving my sewing and I so much distance and my love for that sewing wouldn’t just allow. So, I asked myself, ‘what can I sew that wouldn’t take so much time? πŸ€”’

Then, I came up with the idea of ‘ ok, let me take trips, say twice a month, buy bedspreads, make them, package and sell’
Of course, making bedspreads and pillowcases wasn’t the thing but the fact that it will be there to make me have contact with my sewing machine was enough drive.

Then, my love for not just classy and beautiful looks alone but also classy and attractive settings of a room tilted me into executing the plan.

Then, when I’m back to medicine, I know I have to cover more grounds. So,yeah!
I find my way😊

A word for a fellow med student or med student to be

OK….. Medical students to be. This is me being plain and honest with you right now. I’d say, please don’t opt for medicine if there’s something else you really have an impeccable interest for.

I know this sounds weird right? But trust me, it’s an entirely different world here. A lot goes down with studying to be a medical doctor. Let me not scare you away with details #winks

What I’m saying in essence is weigh your options carefully and prospectively before making a decision.

If your passion for medicine is really deep and you see yourself withstanding anything, then why not?

After all, quite a number of us (medics) have other things doing aside studying medicine.

Just be sure not to come into the profession because of prestige, money or whatever trivial thing. Prestige and money are not worth the whole lot of things that go down here. So, if you’re coming, make sure it’s nothing but apassion to give the sick better a living state.


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11 thoughts on “The Fashion Designer Medical Student; Tosin

  1. Oluwatosin Omobolanle

    Awn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

    I feel so much like a celebrity nowπŸ™Š

    Thanks alot Omooba for this opportunity to share a bit of passion with the world.

    Thank you 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘

  2. Olaronke

    What you are born doing is the hero in you,anyother thing will make you its servant.
    I love her….I love her person,am encouraged by her passion. Thanks

  3. Josh Oloyede Oluwafemi

    Doc! She is a model..
    I love her industrious heart
    and passion for the best things in life.

    lemme get my beans done..I’m marrying tomorrow, surely I’m a call away (winking)

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