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Life Lately + Cancelling Subscriptions for Now

Hello people!

Waaawu, it’s been some time hasn’t it? Apologies are in order.

I am beyond just sorry and I have an explanation.

Let’s just say medical school completely swept me off my feet for a month or thereabouts. It was like drowning and struggling to stay afloat. But here I am right? Nothing lasts forever. I’m not back-back yet, I will still be busy in the following months and so due to that I have cancelled everyone’s subscription manually cause I felt you shouldn’t have to pay if I won’t be writing back-to-back for sometime, no worries I’m not disappearing.

I will be writing, but not as frequently and those things I put up will be up for free until school provides me enough space to get subscriptions going again. And of course when I do get it running again it will be bigger and better! Trust me.

Life lately has been good. I’ve gotten to explore sides of me I didn’t know existed and be more daring the pursuit of the future I want. I encourage you to do that same. I’ll be sharing more on that in the coming weeks. I’m almost done with my O&G posting and it’s been quite enjoyable. Me that I’ve been doing hard-guy hard-guy for practicing clinical medicine, O&G might just be changing my mind.

I’ve been learning how to trust God too, realizing that I’m not 100% or as dependent as I thought I was on Him was a big surprise, a surprise that has helped me get better. There’s no better gift than the gift of God himself. There’s really no way to explain the companionship of God in good times and bad. He’s just perfect.

That’s it for now guys. Thank you for hanging around and being the best people. Have a wonderful weekend!

Big Big Love, O.

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