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Tomisin is one of my best friends in the whole wide world and that I am proud of her feels too slight a sentiment. I will shamelessly famz her anywhere anyhow. And let me just say it before she gets all rich and famous that I was one of those people that encouraged her to keep drawing despite all odds. You can always count on Tomisin to be real, so you’ll definitely enjoy this one.

Introduce yourself

My name is Ogunsola Oluwatomisin aka @tohq, I’m a 4th year medical student at lautech. I am sort of a self-learned artist and an introvert but I let loose when I want to. I love colours so I’m a carnival freak. I also like reading and having fun.

How did you start?

I started drawing in 100 level then as part of my fine art project so I got the fine art pack and I remember really putting in work but getting disappointing results. I used to stay with my grandmother so I was bored a lot. I don’t really remember exactly how it happened but I took the remaining materials in my fine art pack ,got cardboards and just started playing around with them. I started with painting first, just painting stuff I liked then I proceeded to using pencils.

Challenges you’ve faced and how you deal

The major challenge I faced then was not to allow people’s praise to determine how I felt about my own effort because when you put in a lot of work into something and people don’t even react about it, it tends to get one feeling unskilled and just down in the dumps. I worked on my self confidence for that. Surprisingly, I didn’t have any problem with picking up tips and points from online tutorials or videos I watched, practice was just the key.

My next challenge was getting the expensive materials I needed which I’m still struggling with. I never had to share my space with others so I had lots of personal time to work with. Recently,my biggest challenge so far has been time. Ugh! so much to do but so little time. I am still trying to figure out how to balance my art with school work because an average image takes at least 4 hours to draw depending on how realistic I want it to be. I barely have 2 free hours each day and I love my sleep.

What keeps you going?

I just love art. I really love colours so that is what drives me to work towards starting painting again. When I draw, it’s a form of therapy for me and it relieves the stress of medical school. It’s like a mental boost that makes me feel lighter. And the love is just there, I am missing it so much right now and that’s all that drives me to draw.

How you balance things with medicine

Balancing with medicine is still a challenge I’m trying to overcome. I haven’t drawn in almost too long and I still need a lot of practice. I usually have to sacrifice social activities to achieve or just finish whatever project I’m working on but recently, I use any extra time to sleep. I have more time on my hands now though so I hope to pick it up again. So there are hellish times in medicine and periods of slightly lesser work. That’s the time I usually try to focus on.

Tomisin’s exposition on how doctors feel when they lose a patient.

A word for a fellow med student

If you’re in preclinicals,try to have as much progress as possible before moving to clinicals because that’s when you have time to have a solid foundation in whatever interest you have so you don’t have to do much to grow in clinicals. If you’re a med student to be, just know that you have to be committed because you will give yourself excuses when the work hits you. Decide how you are still going to have time and plan your time well. Thank you

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