The Writer Medical Student; Nicholas

I was privileged to read some of Nick’s earlier works and I must say proud is an understatement of how I feel about how far he has come with his writing. He has been so kind as so share his process with us. Enjoy!

Introduce yourself

I’m Aderinto Nicholas Oluwaseyifunmi. I’m an ambivert. I love to see how the big things of life were built from little things. I love doing things the world thinks is impossible.

How did you start?

How I started? Well, right from when I was able to distinguish between morning and night I was already writing. I was much of an introvert growing up, so when people hurt me I may not be able to reply them so I had a book I wrote those things down. But I started writing well after secondary school. I failed my first UTME which was quite destroying for me. Writing became a place of solace. A place of restoration. I felt like a person again. That’s when I was intentional about it. I didn’t start writing to be a writer, it was just a thing of love.

Challenges you’ve faced and how you deal

From the beginning I had challenges. No one believed me. I wasn’t one of the top English language students in school before we graduated and my main audience on Facebook were my mates so they couldn’t believe it. I had nobody reading what I was writing than myself. It was quite challenging. Some even laughed. I thought of quiting. Around that time I read a book by John Maxwell, failing forward the book really helped I derived strength from it and I told myself I will fail forward. I wrote only motivational pieces for about two years, but I knew I wouldn’t last long if I’m limited to that. That was when I started learning about other genres of writing. I started with poetry which I’ve been doing majorly since then. It wasn’t quite easy moving from one genre to the other. It was like crossing an ocean. My audience weren’t interested in poetry too. It was quite strange. But I was quite determined. I read lots of poems. I read lots on poetry and I was patient to win over my audience. I think another challenge was when I was writing as a blogger for then as I had to write on national issues and I received several threats through email and social media. Another is not having people who believe in writing around. But I think I’ve made writing popular in my medical school especially poetry. I knew one candle can do a lot. There have been many challenges only if I have eternity to say them.

What keeps you going?

What keeps me going? There are days I don’t want to go anymore but I find fulfillment in writing that’s why I stand up on such days and continue. The understanding that it’s my own contribution to the world. The conviction that the world will miss my writings if I don’t do. I wish I could explain but the feeling is better experienced. I know it’s what I’m meant to do.

How you balance things with medicine

It would have been easier if it’s only medicine and writing I do. But I’m involved in other things. I’ll prefer the question – how do I balance my life? The first understanding that keeps everything together is that my life isn’t splitted. It’s one. Be it when I’m reading my school books or writing or doing other things I’m involved in it’s to one end to fulfill purpose. It’s not a waste of time when I’m doing any of those things. The only challenge is doing the right one at the right time. The Holy spirit helps me to know what to do per time. That solves it all for me daily.

A word for a fellow med student

To my fellow soldiers in training, we’ll not survive. Because our lives aren’t meant to be lived in a way that we’ll be fighting for survival. We’ll live our lives the best way we should through the stress and challenges of medical school. We wouldn’t survive, we’ll live. If you’re thinking of medicine, think twice or even thrice. Do you really want it? Can you hold on in times you don’t feel like carrying on?

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