The Creative Stylist Medical Student; Olugbemi

I’ve known Gbemi for years now, first as a stranger but now as a close ally. We’ve shared and exchanged med school stories and challenges and coping mechanisms. We’ve bonded over good books and impeccable writing. He is fun, honest and most of all creative. I’m glad he chooses to share himself with the world in his own way and I’m also happy we all get to (here&now) immense ourselves in creative ethos of the Olugbemi himself.

Introduce yourself

Osunsanmi Olugbemi aka theolugbemi before anything else is an artist with an impressive imaginative ability. He is a content creator, creative& fashion stylist and creative writer. He is the owner of the brand – theolugbemi which sets to drive a strong positive influence in his generation. He is also a 4th year medical student at the Lagos State University College of Medicine.

How did you start?

I believe I have always been an artist. When I was little, I loved to arrange the house, tidy the living room and make it look pretty. I remember my mum saying one time; Wow! This looks really nice.

I have also always liked dressing nicely for myself to church on Sundays since I was little. My clothes were always arranged and tidy. I never had a problem combining colors and fabric. I guess it just came naturally and I’ve grown with it.

As for writing, well… I’m an old soul so I like to document things like my feelings, my experiences and even my most random thoughts. But this didn’t start until 2013 when I got into a relationship. I guess that just kick-started the whole writing experience.

Challenges you’ve faced and how you deal


A major challenge is not having enough cash. Because to be honest these things require money. To shoot, to buy materials, to do graphics and all these things you will need money. And every time I’d have to save up and wait for weeks till the money is complete. Usually by then, time would have gone and this kills consistency.

So what I do is any time I get money (allowance and the likes), I always put aside a particular amount for these things so I’d have something to run to when the need arises.


It is funny how we doubt ourselves no matter how talented we are. And several times I’ve doubted myself. I’ve caught myself asking: Olugbemi what exactly are you doing? Especially at the time when things weren’t exactly clear( I knew what I wanted but I wasn’t sure if what I was doing was the right thing to get me there). Other questions like: Are people going to like this? How would I be seen? Am I just wasting resources? When would all these start to pay off?

Thankfully, when all these doubting questions come, I just speak to myself and say; “Olugbemi do what you have to do. Someone is watching and it’s only a matter of time when things would start to fall in place.

What keeps you going?

My love for Art and Expression keeps me on my toes. I cannot let my ideas go to waste. Never! Once I think about it, I’m definitely doing it. And little by little, people are actually beginning to appreciate. The sheer joy I get when I’m able to bring my ideas to reality is enough for me.

How you balance things with medicine

I believe in balance. And I believe a man should excel in everything he does. I’ve always wanted to study medicine. Getting into med school was tough and I went through a lot to get in. But now I’m here and there’s the whole creative art thing to it.

I tell people, especially med students, that if after 6 years, the only thing I have is an MBBS certificate, I of all men will be miserable. Sounds harsh but its mad true, because the year I graduate thousands of other doctors would also be inducted. So what separates me from them? What’s my unique? So as much as medicine is important to me, who I am as an individual (asides medicine) is also equally important.

The whole idea of balancing will seem hard to people who believe Medicine and Art/fashion are two different worlds and you need to take a time bus to be in either of them as you can’t be in both places at once. To me they are one and I don’t see them as two different lives. Understanding this has helped me live through with it. If I have an exam in a few days, I’ll definitely focus on it and get through with only to bounce back with something creative in a few days. I make a conscious effort to keep my book and my art together without making any of the two suffer by proper time management.

A word for a fellow med student

The world is changing and moving really fast and you have to move with it. Be excellent in medicine but also be excellent in other things. Have something you could call your own. If the Dr. Title is taken away from you, what would be left? Do not let the rigor med school destroy your creative mind.

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