The 6 Ways Your Smartphone Can Make You More Productive

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Your phone doesn’t have to be a distraction. It can be the best thing that ever happened to you. I know because I’ve experienced it both ways. And I can tell you, with zero doubt, that you’ll love your phone more when it’s making you better rather than being the source of all you woes and self loathe.
1. Cold Turkey

So this is an app I just discovered, it’s for the phone addicts. You can tell me, I was once an addict too. I mean it’s so easy, just keep scrolling and refreshing and all your time is gone. Anyway, what this app does is block all activity on your photo for the stipulated time you set. I think what I really like about cold turkey is that there’s no way to override it. So your phone is totally out of reach for that time and you can get some productive work done. It’s a great resource.

2. Pamadora Timer.

There’s something known as the panmadora technique of getting work done. You focus on a task for 25 mins straight and then you take a five minutes break and then get back to work again. And so the cycle goes, when you’ve competed four 25 mins sessions, you get a fifteen minutes break. This generally helps to get work done effectively because your brain gets time to rest and recharge. You can try the techniques manually, that is by setting your phone’s default stopwatch and all that, but I’ve been there and it can be quite exhausting to use to. Meanwhile, Good Time is a perfect, perfect app for the Pandora technique. It’s basically a Pandora timer. So yeah download it and give it a try. Available on the Playstore.

3. Switch Off App Notifications

I didn’t know we could do this y’all. You can actually switch off notifications. So your phone doesn’t buzz every time someone likes your picture or retweets your video. Right now, all app notifications on my phone are switched off and it’s awesome. I am not so engaged with my phone and my data lasts longer. All you have to go to the settings of your phone and go to app notification. Then Block em. All of em. Done? Yay!!! Go you!!!

4. Make a list of stuff you want to research on the internet before you get on the internet. 

See ehn, all of us are guilty. True, true. You came online to do research for an assignment but then The Grammys carries your attention or maybe it’s Kim K. Save yourself all the wandering. Make a list. Write it down. Everything you want to do on the internet, put it on paper. That way when you are just aimlessly trolling the internet, you’ll be fully aware you are wasting your time and being unproductive.

5. Switch On Do Not Distrub. 

There’s another thing I didn’t know about. Apparently. You can switch on do not disturb on your phone. No, seriously, how cooooool is that? How do people keep blaming their phones for their unproductivity again? See, it’s your choice. Use this thing for your good.

6. Record Your Lectures. 

I did this a lot when I was in 100 level. It didn’t work out very well for some lectures because the class was so loud and I could barely hear a thing but when it does work, it’s pretty awesome. Imagine if all those times you’re jaming music, if you were actually jaming your note. There’s no way little bits of information won’t stick to your subconscious. And just like that you’re on your way to great grades. So if a particular course is giving you trouble, try recording the class. Or record yourself reading to yourself. And there you have it! AN AUDIOBOOK. Listen to it over and over and over again.

Are there other ways you found that your phone can be helpful specifically for studying? Please share them with me in the comment. Be sure to ask any question too.

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