25 Reasons to Not Quit or Get Discouraged in Medical School

Every medical student has felt like quitting one time or the other, I’m writing this for you and for me too, so that in those times of frustration and despair we can come back here, to a place of remembrance and find strength to carry on.

  1. Do it for the money. You will be comfortable, that much is true. There’s no point feeling bad at being motivated by how much reward you will have for your labour. Again, do it for the money.
  2. Learning about the human body is fun. It’s a lot, but it’s fun. Sometimes that’s enough.
  3. You see people at their most vulnerable, that’s a privilege that shouldn’t be taken for granted.
  4. You get to wear super cool scrubs. Ward coats aren’t bad either. Only superheroes have costumes right?
  5. While others can only dream about saving the world, you get to do that everyday by saving lives.
  6. You have the opportunity to rub minds with some of the most intelligent people in the world. Awesome!
  7. You will always be respected wherever you go. Not every professional can boast of that.
  8. No place will grow you as fast or as thoroughly as med school. Yay growth!
  9. You already made it this far, you can definitely finish strong.
  10. You’d make your parents proud, and all their investments wouldn’t be in vain. That has to count for something.
  11. You are exposed to a vast array of specialities and sub specialities, you could be anything you want to be, literarily.
  12. You have a chance to be better than your current superiors.
  13. You will always be relevant.
  14. You get to partner with God in keeping humans alive.
  15. You are indoctrinated into the lifelong commitment of learning. How cool!
  16. Nothing lasts forever, including med school.
  17. You get to break doctor stereotypes. Yay youuuu! Stereotype breaker!
  18. Unlike most graduates, most of what you learn in school is actually useful in the real world.
  19. You get to see some of the most beautiful wondrous things ever made. Like a heart, lungs, stomach. Ah, too awesome.
  20. You get to experience the best of the best miracles, like a child being born, like a heart beat, like fractures healing.
  21. Do it despite the naysayers, and everyone who said you couldn’t, and every situation that tried to stop you. Do it despite the opposition. Do it because of it all, despite it all.
  22. Do it so you can find some more solutions to health issues, do it because the world needs you.
  23. Do it for those that look up to you, so they can see that they can do it too.
  24. Do it for all the stories you’ll gather, for all the seemingly impossibles that became possible.
  25. Do it because if God be for you, who can be against you? Nobody. Not even Med school.

I believe in you, I believe in us. We are the future of medicine and oh how bright that future is!

Love & love—O

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