How to Deal with Stressful & Difficult Seasons in Life (Part 1)

Life is hectic for everyone. At some point in life this plain fact hits us bare on the face and from there on out comes the struggle to keep sane and healthy in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. By now, I’m sure most people have seen the Humans of New York medical student post but for those of us that don’t live on the internet, I’ll post it here too.

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“I just finished medical school. Now I’m heading to residency, which is supposed to be even tougher. I’ve been working sixteen-hour days. Then I’m expected to study every night when I get home. Some of my classmates only sleep three hours per night. I tried that for a few months during my surgery rotation, but I ended up getting really depressed. I felt completely depersonalized. Everything seemed like a dream. To make matters worse, a lot of the instructors are jerks. I think they went through hell when they were students, so they feel like they should put us through hell. On the first day of rotations, my attending physician told me: ‘I’m an asshole, but I’ll make you a better doctor.’ He made fun of me in front of other students. He put me down in front of patients. He’d threaten to kick me out every day. I guess they’re trying to weed people out and make strong doctors. But they’re just traumatizing people. They’re making us apathetic. I got into medicine because I really wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. But after going through hell, I just don’t care anymore.”

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I could say a lot about this as I am also a medical student and I know this story all too well. Medical school/training can be hell and so can be most of life really, if that wasn’t the case then suicide rates would not be spiking and depression would not be a 21st century global health issue. Unfortunately mental stress wears our bodies out too because things work from the inside out. Hence why John prayed “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” (3 John 1:2)

How does God wants us to deal with stress? He knows we have this struggles as human beings that have to work and meet people and get certain things done, but God being the good God that He is already provided ways for us to live a stress free life.

What do we do with our stress?

We take it to church.

Church gets a lot of bad representation, but let me tell you, church is the best place to be when you are tired, because best believe you will not leave tired. Jesus said it’s sick people that need a doctor (Mark 2:17). The church is your hospital. God made church so you will have a place to come to when you are exhausted and a place to gather and celebrate when you are happy. My dad once said when drunkards are happy they met at the bar, when they are sad they met at the bar to mourn so it should for a child of God and church. It’s so sad that so many people don’t know the benefits of being in church so I’ll go ahead and list a few now;

Benefits of attending a local church.

A word will always come directly for you and you will catch it if you are attentive. A good example is the woman who wanted her daughter healed but wasn’t a Jew, even though, Jesus said no she still got a word that lead to her healing (Mark 7:24‭-‬30 TPT). She wouldn’t have even heard anything if she had decided to stay home and wallow in grief over her daughter’s illness. God desires that we come to Him with our troubles.

You will get to serve and God promises to reward those that serve in his house. David said Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked (Ps 84:10). The bible says God is a rewarded of those that serve him (Heb 6:10). Another thing is when you are serving you have much less time to think of yourself and focus on your own shortcomings.

There’s a heavy anointing in church for miracles. It’s like we are all carrying fire and then when we come together, it’s an explosion. Anything can happen. There a dense cluster of heavenly presence in church. Impossible is non existent! Hallelujah. Here’s a example in Acts 2, on the day of pentecost, the implantation of the Holy ghost came when there was a gathering of Gods people. And there are many testimonies of miracles taking place in the midst of God’s people, in church! The church is for our edification.

The reason why we don’t see these things when we come to church is that 1) we are not attentive and sensitive 2) we don’t really believe those things we say we believe which is okay because we are all at different levels in faith. The important thing is to keep believing and chasing after God till our eyes are completely open to all his glory when he comes back for us.

Go to church with an understanding that you are supposed to be blessed when you go to church, you’re supposed to be refreshed, empowered, imparted with joy, strengthened. That’s what church is supposed to do to you. If your local church isn’t doing that to you prayerfully consider changing churches.

We sing and dance it away.

Music is powerful stuff. Whenever Christians talk about music and the can I listen to secular music debate comes up, we often forget to see, as Jackie Hill Perry once pointed out that music can be a form of devotion to God. Sometimes, the reason we are so stressed and sad is we aren’t listening to anything reminding us of how insanely good God is, or how he saved us from sin and made us righteous, or how he has been there for us in tough times, or how beautiful he is, or how he can turn things around or most importantly how much he loves us. Music can help us stay refreshed and stay saturated with thoughts of our God and God did say he will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are stayed on him. (Isaiah 26:6)

Dance too, dance a lot.

Praise God, praise God! Praise God with everything! It’s why David chants and chants all over the Psalms offering praises to God. It does something to you. it puts everything in such clear perspective. I mean, everything fades in comparison to God, to the splendour and beauty of his majesty, all our worries seem overly unnecessary when we really see God and see how much he cares for us. When our hearts are troubled, sometimes the only medium that helps us see God in music.

Here’s a playlist in case you are looking for recommendations. You could also listen to Ty Bello’s spontaneous worship sessions on YouTube.

I will stop here for now and publish the next part in a few days because I want you to be able to digest things and not just gloss over the points. I hope you’ve been blessed.

Till next time,

Love & love—O

Short Story: Conception

This is your story. Somebody at some point in your life, however young or old you might be, has told you once or twice that you are amazing. You are about to find out that that is correct. You are about to find out that you are the greatest force of nature that has ever come to be and that I am telling you the truth and even more shocking, is finding that there is nothing you can do to change these facts. It matters not at all whether or not you believe me.

At an instance blurred into many others and in a harsh, hurried rush, two million were flushed into a weird greasy tunnel. It felt odd and warm, all too different from the wonderful mild Iceland they were used too. Many died on impart. Friends lost, family too. No one told these two million that they would ever have to leave their homes and make do in another dimension. The air made their tails stronger and excited, they were not aware that they could swim at all, so much move fast but they soon adapted and realized this was a race and somewhere at the end of the tunnel shone a light.

There in their midst, tail wagging, was you. The whole length of you, minuscule beyond comprehension. Daily, more died, some got tired and stop to rest but got sucked into the walls, and you watched several grow weaker until they just didn’t move any more. You were quite exhausted as well, but the only place to go was forward, even if you wanted to return (and you thought about this often) you couldn’t possibly. The overwhelming wave of at least a thousand bodies racing past you, behind you, pressing into you and against you on every side made even looking back or in any direction at all, a chronic impossibility.

The weather kept changing, it was one of the things that weakened you the most, and the tide was unpredictable, tossing you from side to side sometimes, up and down other times. It was unlike anything in your range of imagination. As the tunnel got narrower you knew you were close. You could smell success, victory, whatever it was didn’t matter, you just knew something was waiting for you, calling your name, pulling you in. What confused you was how it seemed that everyone thought the same thing as you, ran with the same zeal and vigour and even more bit of contempt. It hit you in a slow haze, like a bullet burying itself in flesh, slow yet fast. You realized that this was a competition. That there was a prize to be won and there will be no place for second place.

You leaned forward with all your might and beat your tail sharply. They can’t stop you now, you were in your element. You could see it, it was round and glorious. This is it. This is the light. You could see another going past you, so you ran faster, who knew one limb could move like lightening. When you edged your way to kiss its smooth body, it all made some kind of perfect sense. You were home. You were complete.

There it is, how you beat 2 000 000 others before you had limbs to move and eyes to see. So tell me, aren’t you just exceptional?

50 Cheers to My Mommy at 50!

Hello mommy! This is my love letter to you o, just you. Every other person is a crowd. You are the one I am writing to and there is a way I want this to go.

First go and download Adekunle Gold’s Mama, here.

Cheers to your name, indeed a ri eni ke, oluwa se wa loore, ni tori na oluwa to yin. Iya bi wura! Abiyamo tooto! You are a rare gift (Prof) Morenike Olutoyin, omo Okunmadewa, Aya Adetunji.

Cheers to your relentless, uncompromising love, nobody does it quite like you, everyday we are showered anew.

Cheers to your vigilante skills, all your night patrols when everyone is asleep. We hail you o, we can be rest assured all the doors are secured when you are home.

Cheers to good cooking, because of you, good food has never been a problem.

Cheers to being the disciplinarian, but it seems you’re going easy these days. Back then you used to be the original iron lady.

Cheers to your story telling, we love those time when you sit us down and let us journey on the wings of your words. We will treasure those stories forever. Thanks for letting us in on our heritage.

Cheers to all the sacrifices you make, we don’t see it all, we can’t see it all but we know and we appreciate you always.

Cheers to all the children you’ve raised all over the world. What a mother you’ve been!

Cheers to being the parent we didn’t like growing up, but look how we’ve come to love you, turns out you were the softest after all.

Cheers to shouting everyone’s name before realising who you really wanted to call. Haha. We like you like that.

Cheers to your writing, I think I got it from you.

Cheers to your brilliance! The prof herself, just raising standards everywhere.

Cheers to all your late nights and hard work, I’m glad it all paid off.

Cheers to all the times you escaped death in your early life, we are grateful God preserved you life till now. You see, indeed, oluwa to yin lori yin.

Cheers to being who you are, unapologetically. You made it alien for me to not simply be me.

Cheers to your independent Spirit! Is it not my mommy? There’s nothing she cannot handle on her own and with utter grace too.

Cheers to all the unapologetic hugs and kisses even when we act like we don’t like it (here’s a secret), the truth is we do.

Cheer to your walk, your ever so present confidence. I love it. You walk like you own the place, you walk like a queen. You’ve taught me to do the same.

Cheers to being young at heart, you’re the only 50 year old I know that still twirls like a little girl and embraces every opportunity to kiss her husband like a new bride. I have proof o, but I won’t show it here.

Cheers to all the things you’ve taught me, all the lessons you’ve passed on one way or the other, all the words only a mother can say to her own daughter.

Cheers to your love for family and traditions, to how you make efforts for us to do things together as a team! You are the glue that keeps us as one.

Cheers to not mincing words, to saying as it is, to always being the voice of reason and truth.

Cheers to your health, to all the bitter leaf drinks and cucumber. You taught us what an healthy diet looks like, thank you.

Cheers to being the enjoyment minister! Thanks for showing us the way, we local people. Lol. My mom is legit the only sophisticated person in our house. Correct babe!

Cheers to your gaming! Should I talk about it here? Let me just say that if you love to play games, you and my mom would be best friends in no time.

Cheers to being protective and proactive, I didn’t understand before but I do now. I am forever grateful and indebted to you. My future children thank you too, because if not for you, if not for your eye that follows me everywhere I go, I won’t be who I am today.

Cheers to your street sense, to slicing very price tag in half effortlessly. The market is your playground.

Cheers to your style, to looking sharp always. Your style screams elegance and class, your style screams “I know exactly what I am doing” and you do, you always do.

Cheers to your resilience, that never giving up spirit, that let’s fix it spirit. What a gift!

Cheers to your attention to detail, your meticulous nature has save my life more than I can recount. Praise God for that!

Cheer to your foresight, you know things before we see them, you see things before they come to be. We are so blessed.

Cheers to your extraness, to going over and beyond every single time!

Cheers to that gorgeous smile you dashed me! Thank you mommy!

Cheers to your love for the Lord, cheers to your pursuit of Him, you lead by example, I’m happy I have you as my forerunner and mentor.

Cheers to being the definition of diligent. My mother never gets tired, I still don’t know how you do it.

Cheers to your heart of contentment! Whatever you have is more than enough for you. I love that about you. Nothing stirs you to jealousy, you’re fine just as you are. I love that!!!

Cheers to staying current, you know things even I don’t know about the world. You are up to date, kudos to you o! You are the real deal.

Cheers to your dancing! Ah, my mother can dance and dance and dance, sometimes for no reason at all. May you continue to dance all the days of your life.

Cheers to being a woman of integrity, to refusing to compromise when pushed to the wall, to being strong in hard spots, to setting the standard for us all.

Cheers to breaking frontiers, to showing me that a woman can be and do anything she wants to do, to inspiring me to do more! I didn’t know women could be HODs until you did it! You’ve been raising the bar for eons.

Cheers to being a good manager of our home, I don’t think we would stand or survive without you carefully planning things out and looking after us.

Cheers to your handwriting, I’m so lucky I didn’t get daddy’s own. Thanks for providing a better option, I’m sure my future patients will be grateful too.

Cheers to all your prayers. May they always be answered!

Cheers to putting us first and showing it, even if all the world deserts me, I can be certain of my mother’s love and support, and that is enough to keep going.

Cheers to your quiet strength and wisdom, your subtle way of making sure everything runs smoothly, you are truly one of a kind.

Cheers to our friendship, yes you’re my mom but you’re also my good friend. You’re also my playmate. You’re also my favourite. Thanks for taking an interest in me and making an effort to get to know me. I know I’m not the easiest person to befriend, thank you for being patient and consistent, I know many other moms would have given up so I don’t take it for granted to your were keen on building a strong relationship with me. Thank you.

Cheers to your giving spirit! I know people often assume daddy is the giving one, but I’ve seen you give too much of yourself, I’ve seen you give when it was obviously unfavourable to you, I’ve seen you give despite yourself. To say I am awed is an understatement.

Cheers to all the random acts of kindness you show that I don’t deserve, all the surprise gifts and all.

Cheers to your unavoidable beauty, in and out. You shine ever so bright.

Cheers to your 50th year! Look how far you’ve come and you’ve only just began! I bless God for the gift you to us, we are indeed favoured by Him.

I love you forever Maami. I could never say it all.

Happy fiftieth birthday!

How far with the song we are downloading. Done? Good. Now is the time to play it and dance for me.

Be rest assured that I am dancing for you too.
Your first,

PS: I had some help from Adeolu in putting this together. I’m sure Tosin sends her love too. We love you so much! Enjoy your day.

One Week in General Surgery [Osogbo]

General was stressful, fun but stressful but by now stressful has nothing on me. Monday was a clinic day, we got to clerk a secondary school student and debate on whether or not she should study medicine. We were unable to reach a consensus but it helped our patient feel comfortable so that was a plus. She later had to have surgery done for the removal of a demoid cyst in her thigh. Don’t bother your head trying to figure out what that is. You’re better off not knowing.

We finished clinic early and were about to leave when the house officer ordered that we stayed behind and follow them for wardround so we could know the patients we were suppose to clerk. That’s how that HO entered my blackbook. We waited, went to the wards then reported at A&E for call, where I meet a doctor whose wife had the same birthday date as me. He was very excited about that mere fact and made promises to treat me to an outing. To which I rolled my eyes. Lol. Because who has the for married doctors abeg?

Tuesday was theatre day. A long day. I ended up reading Ayobami Adebayo’s Stay with me for most of the day and even started a conversation around it in IG. Ah, the joys of being a bookwarm. We had 3 surgeries in all, and by the end of it all, we were dog tired.

Wednesday was ward round with a very unconventional funny senior registrar who had a local nonchalant appeal to him. It was over in no time at all. Lol. But then we were forced to wait till 3pm for a departmental presentation because they refused to sign our logbooks. We chilled at a friends place and made plans for a birthday bash I was planning for Saturday. Oh did I tell you guys I had a birthday party? It was great fun.

The presentation was really good for the first hour but then the consultants and professors started quizzing those presenting. Eh, it was like watching men drink beer and talk about their misadventures with sex workers. They were the only ones having fun. The rest of us were just looking at them like idiots. One of my friends covered at least two Episodes of the Surgeons in all that time that we sat speechless, looking like our voices had been stolen.

Thursday was another theatre day. A short one, but then we had to go for rounds and found that the patient allotted to me needed blood. All of us medical students were bundled to the blood bank to donate but has nature or the universe would have it, I was the only match. That was my first time donating blood. It wasn’t bad. It wasn’t bad at all. It was also a day to my birthday so I felt I was doing some good.

Friday. My birthday. We were stocked in clinic with a man who had just come back form leave and so was well rested and ready for serious work. A total contrast to our own state of mind since we had been working all week and thought Friday would be a light day. We were wrong. So wrong. The man took his time during the clinic while playing classic gospel songs in the background. I kept missing calls from people who wanted to wish me a happy birthday. I wanted to punch the happy smile off the man’s face. Lol. But of course I did not. We saw many many bad bad cases of breast cancer, it was saddening. Please ladies, examine your breast for lumps regularly. Here’s how;

There, do it regularly please. Early detection is our only cure for breast cancer for now.

We left clinic 4:15pm, I was pissed but then my friends surprised me by treating me to my favorite meal at a cool restaurant, I felt so very loved.

And with that came the end of my Osogbo surgery posting, in fact as I write this, I am sitting in the February harmattan of Ogbomosho. There are no words for how much I miss Osogbo.

Till next time,

Love & love—O

Short Story: Her Valentine

ME TOO, REPORT NO. 993,047

Even though the harmattan season had lingered into the New Year, I was butt naked in my bedroom at one am, February the fourteenth, trying on dresses for my date with Dele later in the day. I loved him, of that much I was certain. I wasn’t sure it was reciprocated and did not want to believe that it was not. He was my fourth boyfriend, seventh love and we had been together for over a year; that had to be a good sign.

He made it clear in the beginning that he did not like big girls and uh… I was big. I had always been big. I wasn’t obese but I had flappy arms, folds of flesh at my sides and my thighs were too thick for sexy. It wasn’t a big deal, I had long gotten over ever losing weight. I tried, in secret, with meal plans, exercises, tummy trainers and the sorts. I even joined a gym once. I never did get any substantial results, maybe because I was just about as consistent as Nigeria’s economy.

My mom was fat. My dad was fat. My sister was fat. My brother was fat. Everyone in my family except my parents lost weight at some point in their lives. I was the lazy, irresponsible one that loved food too much and was too heavy to exercise daily. I had made peace with this. At times, it stung that the person I loved did not fancy fat people but other times, most times, I brainwashed myself into feeling lucky that I was not loved for my body but instead for my character and what an admirable character that must be. I was wrong. I wasn’t lucky at all.

I met him at work. He was a regular at KFC with his five year old. I became friends with her first, then later on him. He ask me to spend some time with them both after one of my shifts and I agreed. We became a thing not much after. He was blunt and quick tempered but also smart and romantic. He promised marriage and even though a year and eight months had passed, I trusted his promise of a life together.

He said he was taking me out. He said, we would finally do it. I had not had sex with him yet because I didn’t want to. I was a twenty-nine-year-old virgin and I liked it. I, liked it. Fat girls are made to believe, from the movies and the books and the porn, that sex for us would be not quite right. We like to keep our clothes on. And baggy. But I agreed. I wanted to get married, I wanted someone to call my own, children to call my own. So I said yes, we will do it, like high school lovers, on Valentine’s Day.

The hotel was luxurious and I wondered if he had been saving up to afford this place since the day he met me. It was nine pm and he led me through glittering hallways to a suite. We had the best wine I have ever had till this day and spoke sparingly over the dinner he ordered. The dinner I couldn’t eat because I didn’t want my stomach to bulge in the one-piece lingerie I had under my dress. He asked if I wanted to take a hot bath and I said no because I couldn’t stand undressing with his eye traveling over my body like a speeding subway train. He took off his shirt and I could feel my heart pulsing hard against the fabric of my skin and I knew, I started to know, that I did not want to do this anymore. But I didn’t say a word. Clinging to my body was the black dress I had picked out last minute. It made my cleavage seem like an endless jungle of bliss, the entire length of it stopping at my knees, its lace running down my arms covering my stretch marks. I wanted to stay that way. Covered. I was sitting at the edge of the bed when he came towards me, with deadly hunger in his eyes. The kiss was hard and wet. I felt like I was being eaten raw.

I could feel his hands unzipping my dress when I said stop. I am certain he did not hear because he did not stop. I pushed him off me a few inches and said please, I don’t think I want to do this, I’m sorry. And he replied quickly, of course you don’t want to do this, but you are going to do this. He dragged my gown down and pushed me on the bed. I begged him for time, for a few minutes to get myself together but he declined.

I began to cry and he began to say, baby c’mon you want this as he continued to undress me. I didn’t want to be naked. I pushed him off me, harder this time and he got back up ready to fight. First came the hot slap, then the blows. He was talking all along but I couldn’t get past the sound of my heart beating straight into my now hot ears. I gathered all of my strength and pulled him off me, he landed on the floor. I launched forward and sat on his stomach before he could respond and began hitting him as hard as I could with my bare hands. I picked up my metallic clutch a feet away and hit him hard on the head as many times as I could until I saw had he had started to bleed and was almost unconscious. I grabbed the bed spread, wrapping it around my invaded body, clutch in hand, unlocked the door and ran.
I have not seen Dele since that night.

Today I am thirty-three, single and fat.

Written January 2018.

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Happy Valentine’s Day (in advance)! Hope you have a good one, remember that not everyone does so spread love everywhere you go, every single day.

Love & love—O

22 Things I’m Particularly Grateful For at 22

I turned twenty two on the 8th of February 2019 and here are a few things I’m grateful for.

Omooba & her adorable parents all of 22 years ago. Isn’t God too good?

Grateful to be alive and heathy at such a time as this.

Greatful for my beautiful family, I’m blessed beyond compare.

Grateful for the ultimate gift that is salvation through Christ, couldn’t have saved myself even if I tried.

Beyond grateful for this identity, this freedom, this aliveness that not every one can boast of, that comes from God. And the word, because where would I be without the word of God?

Grateful for friends I don’t deserve at all. Those that always check on me, encourage me, remind me that I am loved. I don’t know how to thank you. I will never be able to express how much I love each and every one of you. You’ve shown me what love is. You’ve shown what it is to be loved. There’s no buying that. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Grateful for all my failures till date, they showed me how to win!

Grateful for the highs; all the things I thought I could never do, but I did and am doing. For the realization of being capable beyond doubt.

Grateful for people that are and have been kind for no reason. You are the reason the world still spins.

Grateful for my home church; I never leave the same. I see Jesus clearer, I am being transformed daily. E se gan ni.

Grateful for my good looks. I know I am a catch, I had nothing to do with that. I’m indebted to all who were/are involved.

Grateful for this space. It took a long time to get here, but oh how it feels like home. Here, my thoughts are engraved in time and I know I am doing some good. That is enough.

Grateful for a smile that is life giving and brings good cheer. I am glad to be the proud bearer.

Grateful for good food, because good food is a luxury and good food makes me happy.

Forever grateful for good music.

Grateful for all that I know now. Knowing is a powerful thing. Knowing has changed me entirely.

Lately grateful for women that inspire, women that are stylish, women that are smart and eloquent and confident. Women like my mother.

Grateful for my house. I love it. There’s no other way to say it; I love my house, there is no place I love more.

Grateful for the opportunity to learn medicine and meet many wonderful people and learn a thing or two about life.

Grateful for real heartfelt hugs from my mother. And for conversations with my father. All my happy spots.

Grateful for peace. Grateful for favour. Here. There. Everywhere. I hear it’s not a common find.

Grateful for the gift of me to the world, thankful for the blessing that I am and will always be.

Grateful for the future, for it’s brightness, and extra-ness and all that it is and more. Ecstatic that there can be more and there will always be more.


Love & love—O

7 Creative Ways to Consciously Fellowship With God Throughout Your Day

Sometimes spending time with God can be a struggle especially for those of us that have a tight schedule, but it’s possible especially because our God is not bound by space or time. That aside, regardless of whether or not we get allotted time with God all through the day we all should carry Jesus along during our entire day and that my friend, takes conscious effort. These are a few ways to stay Jesus saturated all day long.


I always feel like the secular music debate is grossly needless. I mean, if we choose to listen to stuff that constantly points us to the awesomeness, greatness and beauty of God, that’s our gain right? We are the ones that will reap the benefits of keeping our minds on God’s perspective. Music is not just for fun; it fills your mind and creates atmospheres. Listening to godly music is a great way to keep yourself in communion with God without much effort, it helps us keep things in good perspective. If a believer chooses instead to listen to music that does not conform to what they claim to believe, whose loss is that? Do we really need to make a fuss about it? As they, and we all grow, we decide things that are good for us and those that are not. No one teaches a child to not eat sand.

Bethel music worship leaders ( L-R, Steffany Gretzinger & Amanda Cook) in worship

Audio Bible

The YouVersion Bible App has an audio bible feature. Let it play on people! Just leave it in the background, one way or the other you will absorb something. The Holy Spirit will show you something new. The bible is so interesting, it never gets old and the audio feature just makes it that much adaptable to everyday life, especially for those of us always on the go.


Sermons are another great way to keep your mind on Jesus. You can start by requesting audio tapings of Sunday sermons at your local church and if you are looking for some diversity you can branch out and download sermons from other pastors on the internet. I recommend Pastor Kenneth Hagin, Pastor Sekou Abodunrin, Pastor Andrew Wommack and Pastor Joseph Prince, to mention a few.

Pastor Sekou, Facebook.

Those are preachers (that preach the undiluted gospel and) that have blessed me remarkably in the past years and still continue to do so, they’ve basically changed my life. I thank God for them. You can subscribe to Pastor Prince’s sermon notes here, they are always a great blessing to me.

Christian literature

For some of us that enjoy reading, reading Christian literature is a good way of fellowshipping with the Father. I still remember the first time I read Mere Christianity by C.S Lewis. I was 17 and I could feel my head burst right open, I knew I wasn’t the same. I remember finishing Don’t Waste your Life by John Piper; Great book! And just recently I read Not Yet Married by Marshall Segal. Now that’s a book you should read, married or not, download here. And if you are a marriage book skeptic like me, don’t worry, the book is hardly about marriage. There are great books out there, be intentional about getting your hands on them.

Book Cover

Social media

I don’t think many people realize it but social media, as bad as it is, can be great for your spiritual life. It’s all about those you choose to follow and what you consume. Follow great Christian pages and people, you’d be surprised by how much rhema would be hitting you from your rectangular glowing box. You can turn your phone into an instrument of blessing by being a good steward of good gifts like technology that the Father has delivered to our hands. The internet, emphasis on social media, does not have a face or an identity, we are the ones that give it meaning.

Memory verses

This is something I want to begin implementing myself. Learning bible verses can help us meditate on scripture. They can also be great bullets for gunning down the devil when he comes around with his mind games. It makes sense that we have verses that we decide to commit to memory because they remind us of who God is and who we truly are at times when our minds and bodies might be feeling otherwise. They are our evidence when accusers come our way and they are also boosters of our faith. Memory verses are awesome!

Speaking to the Lord like He is there because He is

God is with you, every second of every minute of every single day; He is right there by your side. We need to take advantage. Talk to Him. Acknowledge Him. Murmur words to him, or maybe you should do that in your mind so people don’t assume you’ve lost it. Haha. Just make sure you’re conscious of this fact that you’re not alone and let that guide your every move.

Fellowshipping with God is good for our souls (and mental health) since the bible says in Ps 16:11 that in God presence there is fullness of joy; at His right hand are pleasures forevermore, so it’s important that we make it a priority to involve him as we journey through both the highs and lows and even in betweens.

It is my hope that this article has opened your eyes to a few ways you can do that and perhaps you know a few ways that I didn’t mention, please let me know in the comments section.

Stay blessed.

Love & love—O

One Week in Orthopedics (Surgery, Osogbo)

According to our senior registrar ortho means to set a thing straight and pedics has to do with children. And so you can put together what Orthopedics means according to him. I am too tired to check if it’s true. But for the sake of respecting and trusting one’s teacher, let’s go with it. He also mentioned that the unit isn’t just about ortho (I will use this short form henceforth) but also traumatology.

Both of which I will now hire Google to help me define so you guys can understand;

Orthopedic surgery or orthopedics, also spelled orthopaedics, is the branch of surgery concerned with conditions involving the musculoskeletal system.

In medicine, traumatology is the study of wounds and injuries caused by accidents or violence to a person, and the surgical therapy and repair of the damage.

Do you guys get?

By now, you must have figured that it’s a very gory unit, and it was but I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. It sorta pains me that my time there has already ended for now. Maybe it was the funny consultants and registrars or the way they signed our log books without much hassle or the way they taught us so well or the sound of screws and metal hitting bone in the theatre. It was awesome, at least for me. Sometimes I pretended to not be enjoying it so much so I wouldn’t look weird. Lol.

Sad to be leaving ortho

Monday was clinic day. We encountered a woman who brought her 5 year old daughter in for a swollen limb that did not regress and also produced pus followed a fracture that had healed weeks back. She was diagnosed with chronic osteomyelitis. Osteomyelitis is simply the inflammation of a bone as a result of infection. I’m talking about this because it’s very common in our environment. If a children around you suffers any injury always insist that the doctor should treat for acute osteomyelitis whether or not they think it is need to avoid full blown chronic osteomyelitis which is a terminal illness.

Also if a child or anyone around you sustains a fracture, don’t do anything to the place, don’t massage with rob or anything, take it to the doctor as soon as possible. If you massage you risk abnormal bone grow and deformity.

Tuesday we watched them fix a broken femur. It was fansiinating and stimulating saying the list. There was blood everywhere! Haha. Just kidding. I won’t bore you with the details.

Wednesday and Thursday were clinic days as well. I soon realized we had a lot of patients. We saw all sorts of fractures, every kind you can think of. Especially kids, apparently kids break their bones all the time. Little wonder. We learnt how to read xtrays and MRIs, it was much fun. Also, the best part of ortho was that we went home early, unless we were on call, which is usually twice a week and we get to choose the days!

On the down side, we encountered people in real tangible pain. Pain so real, it touched you, haunted you even because you can’t help thinking how am I better than this person? How do I escape this everyday? I take bikes too, I take that route too, everyday, how is it that I am not on a bed with half my foot chopped off and bruised all over my face? How is it that I am not crying for my mother with no care that my wrapper has rolled over my body and my bare breast are now exposed as doctors try to tend to my wounds? How am I not in this young lady’s shoes? It’s tragic isn’t it? I’m more grateful and aware of the goodness of God now that I’ve seen the unseeables. I feel so special, knowing that God has spared me so many evils.

This past week I also got to think about medicine and how important it is. I was thinking, if there is a massive disaster right now and I am the only doctor in sight, that automatically makes me the only person with the wealth of knowledge that can save as many lives as possible. That’s astounding. I never saw it like that before. It always feels like work to be in school, when in fact it’s such a privilege. I can actually help people stay alive. How cool is that? More motivated that ever to give medicine my best now. I just hope General surgery doesn’t mess up all my optimism by next week, lol.

Pray for me.

But even if, I will just have to remind myself that I am training to be a life saver! Ain’t that a gift?

Love & love—O