Why Now is The Perfect Time to Live a “Boring” Life

There is a giant secret people do not like to talk about and it is the fact that rich people, I mean the kind of rich you dream about, the kind of rich that would make people say you’re greedy, the utterly ridiculously rich – not their children now; they themselves – are not on Facebook telling you how rich they are. They are in real life, working or resting. Savouring every single ounce of the world, while most of us, live, breathe, shit, eat, in a parallel universe called the internet. I just thought I should let you know that people that make real money, do not make social media their playground. The world itself, is, their playground.

If you want to be great, learn to gather the world by it’s helms and observe. If you want to be rich with not only money now, but to be a rich human being in substance and wit, you must learn that the time you have is neither short nor long. It’s just time. It’s a river that flows and the way to hold it is to make moments; real ones, with real people and real things. It’s like making new routes for the water to flow, so you can always return there, and swim. 

Do not be lost in the fakeness of the digital world that you are unaware of what is right beneath your nose. Do you know why our country is so divided? it’s because we are fond of comparing ourselves with others and hey, we have good reasons to, but that doesn’t make it a useful thing to do. The bible says those that compare themselves are not wise (2 Corinthians 10:12). We should watch, if we must, those better than us and learn, actively learn, not compare, not run away. And do you know the best fuel of comparison of any form? It’s social media; Facebook, Instagram and the like. It belittles the value of a person to numbers. When you look at your follower-count and you see five, you forget that those are actually five people, five human beings, alive and well, blessed with incredible and diverse attributes. All of that loses meaning because somebody somewhere has 55.5k followers. And you involuntarily attach some kind of value to that.

To gain popularity and a name of sorts on these platforms you are encouraged to live an eventful (but let’s be honest, eventful is not the same thing as interesting, because interests are largely relative and personal but that’s talk for some other time) life. Party, smoke, buy cars or at least pose beside dope cars, claim to be an entrepreneur, dress like the next wizkid, display tattoos. Let me tell you, super influential people in the world, do not try to make a lasting impression on the internet, they are busy, doing it for real and then other people (could even be you) bring their stories online. They don’t publicize themselves, their work publicizes them.

Things that last take time, and commitment and have I mentioned time? A truck load of it. Malcom Gladwell said it takes at least 10000 hours to become a master at something. Let me write it words;ten thousand hours bruh. It’s not chin chin. If you want to be good, please live a “boring life” and focus. Prepare.

Malcolm Gladwell

Jesus prepared for thirty years what he had just three years to do. Don’t waste time on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. Please. And stop jumping from one relationship to the other. It is not a race abeg. Nobody is going to ask you how many people you fell in love with in your lifetime. This is the time to get stuff done. To get your crap together. You are young, this is incubator time. This is the time to be boring, to take every opportunity seriously. Every opportunity. Laser focus. I don’t just mean in relation to work but with everyday experiences, learn to be present. When you gist with your friends, gist and laugh well. Enjoy the moment. When you are with family, do the same. That is how to live a full life. Be pro life. So that when you are about to die you will have much more than snippets of your Facebook outbursts and messes or the time you reached 100k followers. See, have you ever actually thought about what you have to offer those 100k people, since all you really have are just super edited selfies to hid the pimples that have made a home on your face?

Success does not jump on people, they prepare.

Live a boring life, if you don’t want to die young. And if you don’t care about dying – you just want to enjoy your life, I have a message for you: trust me, you actually care. You actually do. You don’t need lung cancer or any other health crisis. You yourself, you know. Those things are afflictions and they do not only afflict your body, they invade ever part of your life including your wallet. So, no, again you don’t need that. You need life, oxygen in your lungs. You need Jesus Christ and don’t lie to yourself, there’s nothing wrong with having money too, lots and lots of it.

Speak to yourself, focus and concentrate on the future you want and start working on bringing it to life, don’t do that by ignoring the present either, the journey is part of the joy of reaching the destination safely. In the end it will not be the end product that defines you, but the process. Now, as a sign that you haven’t wasted the last three minutes reading this, don’t go and update your status saying something like “Future things on my mind”. Please, don’t. Don’t tell us. Just do it. And remember; things that last take time. Be patient. Be boring.

In reality, being conscious of the times [future+present] isn’t, in the least, boring. But that is what society and preoccupation with the internet has led us to believe, so it isn’t that much of a big deal, if for the sake of a full life, well lived, I am called boring. So be it; I’m all about that boring life.

Love & love—O

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