Steps To Setting & Achieving Lofty Goals

Happy New Year people!

What a time to be alive!

This is the season when our motivation to change and get things done is at its peak and that’s great. Let’s take advantage, harness all that energy and put it to good use. A lot people want to set high goals and hit them but don’t usually get results not for lack of motivation but for lack of careful intentional planning. If you are going to make 2018 great, it’s going to start with your planning, not necessarily your goals. So let’s get to it, steps to setting and achieving lofty goals;

Find a place to sit down (preferably alone).

You need to relax to do this. Find someplace to be by yourself, so you can reflect and be honest with yourself. Get a piece of paper and a pen and be ready to do some soul-searching. This is important, you have to tell yourself this is serious business and approach it as such.

Know where you are.

Draw the lines. Where are you in your life right now? How are you doing at school? How are you doing in your relationships? In body? In mind? Be clear. Judge yourself.

Define where you what to be.

It’s time to set the standard. What are the things your really want? Don’t be limited you your thinking. The question you just need  to keep in mind is, do I really want this? Sounds quite simple but most of us don’t set goals from a place of deep true desire instead we are motivated by corrupt jealous longings that are shallow and superficial. Those won’t get us far, those desire will leave us when the going gets uncomfortable, so be absolutely clear and sure on the things you want.

Now, make a detailed everyday to-do list of how you’re going to get there.

By detailed, I mean DETAILED. Don’t leave out anything. Write it all down, if possible to the very piece of clothing you will be wearing while you are getting your tasks done. Like we all know, success is an accumulation of everyday efforts, so put down things you will do daily that will eventually get you to your goal. Say, you’re aiming at a 5.00 CGPA. You know you will need to study everyday. So put done as many hours as you think you’ll need. Let’s say that’s 4 hours. So you put that down, together with the venue, and like I mentioned before, if you can even add what you’ll be wearing, add it. All this is just to make sure you do it. But sometimes unforseen circumstances come up and your plans have to change. Moving us on to my next point.

Success is an accumulation of everyday efforts.

Fail proof your plan, be prepared to adapt.

Things will come up. Life is unpredictable, you must accept this and be ready to make changes when need, learn to be proactive. You know that you are liable to give up at some point so put some things in place for when that thought creeps up. You can write yourself a letter for when you feel discouraged and keep it on your computer or blog if you have on, then go read it when you feel that way. You have to take care of yourself and respond to your needs. If you are tired, rest. Don’t work yourself over into a burn out. Learn to adapt to all the changes that will come your way. Maybe your days will get busier during the day and you’ll have to study more in the night, give yourself time to adapt to that. If you are experiencing difficulty, ask questions. You’re free to ask us any question anytime.

Celebrate successes in between

You can break this year into blocks and give yourself a reward for each successfully completed block. Okay, example. So say it’s your goal to exercise daily throughout this year or maybe even 3 times a week. Break the year into blocks that are suitable for you, that could be a month-long block or a 3 month long block, whatever works for you. That means, after every month or 3 months, if you’ve stayed consistent, you celebrate and get yourself a gift. You can even make this more interesting by buying the gifts now and giving it to a good friend to give to you when you reach your goal, if you don’t reach your goals, tell the friend to keep it. Sounds tough. But it’s just the kind of motivation you might need.

Believe that you are capable and it is possible.

This is the most important point, everything begins in your mind. You have to first of all believe that it is possible, so entertain only information that affirms this belief in your mind. Then you have to believe that YOU CAN DO IT. Only you can bring yourself to that resolve. So maybe that will be your resolution for 2018, that it is possible and you can do it.

Have an amazing year ahead!