2017, the profound.

I’ve been procrastinating and even considering not writing this review at all. The first reason being writing about personal experiences is not something I find particularly appealing aside it being hard to articulate my feelings aptly. Two, this year was a lot. Like a roller-coaster that has no end. In all, I guess I can say it was a good one, but even more than that, 2017 was profound. I will never forget this year. I am not the same.

I don’t remember setting any goals, I know I really wanted to get back to school but asides that I was sorta okay. I did some pretty amazing stuff this year. I wrote a book. I started an initiative. I tutored kids for free during the summer. I launched a magazine. I wrote about 10 stories or more, I wrote well over fifty poems, I read a little over 30 books. I won a giveaway and got one of my favourite books everrrr (thanks Timi!) I kinda got a hang of Twitter. I grew up this year. Like a lot. I don’t even know how to explain. I didn’t really plan for most of it. It just happened. God just so blessed me. So perhaps I tricked you, maybe this isn’t a review at all, maybe it’s just a thank you note to God because I can’t even hide it, I am overwhelmed.

Lord Jesus, thank you for life, thank you for my family. Thank you that when we were attacked by thieves in the middle of the night you kept us from harm. Thank you because everything that was lost was recovered. Thank you for keeping your promises, thank you for being faithful. Thank you for healing my heart completely this year. I’ve been carrying around a lot of baggage for a while now, thank you for taking the load off me. Thank you for being mine when I thought I didn’t have anyone, for staying close always. Thank you for the breaking of chains and additions. Thank you for the emergence and grooming of a new woman, a powerful woman you said. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for all the great sermons and books and music and articles. I was well-fed this year. Thank you for friendships. Thank you for Jerry, I really don’t know what I would have done without him sometimes, don’t know where I would be with my endless thought spirals. I pray that in his darkest days you will shine bright for him as he has shone for me, you will bring him home, into the warmth of yourself. Thank you for tm, for a rare companionship, a vulnerability I did not think possible with a girl, thank you for Seun, Susan, Victor, Tamilore, Peace, Dammy, Mayokun, Nick and many others that have blessed me, so many names, so many pillars. Bless them lord, let their lives continue to shine bright. Thank you for the future you have set before me, I can barely stand still from excitement. I love us. I love where we are now. Keep me close, keep me steady, keep me safe. Thank you God for you, thank you for dying. I am still blown away by the fact that I am righteous, that I won’t die, that I am your child. Ah! As I type these words, the hair on my legs are standing. Thanks for the revelation of you. Thank you for all the things you’ve been teaching me, haha, I don’t even know how to say it. Lord you can see the content of my heart, the things I cannot find words to express, you can tell. Thank you for those things. I love you, I know it’s nothing compared to the waves for you own love, but I want you to know all the same that I love you. That I will never leave. That you have been too good for me to turn my back. I no longer know what it is to live without talking to you every minute and listen for your replies. You make my heart sing. I am so happy. Thank you for that too, thank you for this persistent joy, thank you! It’s amazing. You are amazing. Thank you for 2017 lord. Thank you. I love doing life with you, the year doesn’t even count. It’s all about you and because of you I am confident for not only a phenomenal 2018 but a fantastic life. Thank you for that, thank you for the assurance of your love. It’s me and you forverrrrr. Glory!

Compliments of the season guys. Maybe your year didn’t go great, don’t lose hope. it really does get better. Trust God, he is not one to disappoint.

Never let go of hope.

— OmoobaJesu Adetunji (@helloomooba) December 15, 2017

Just in case you haven’t heard the January Edition of Elevate magazine will be out January 5th 2018. Awesome stuff!

PS: big thank you to everyone that liked my story on Instagram, the winner hasn’t been announced yet. I really appreciate the goodness of y’alls hearts

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