An Invitation

Dear Gayguy or gal, dear masturbator, porn addict, pervert, lesbian, drag queen, fuckboy, playboy, sex worker, sex slave, junkie, stripper.


I know people like me—Christians—do not usually speak to people like you but then what does it matter, we are all people and I just thought you should know that God sees you. And I don’t mean that in the way that you would imagine, I am not saying that he sees you and is counting on you to fail again but that He sees you, inside and out. All your pain. All your struggle. All of you. He is aware of you, deeply intune with your existence. He doesn’t see you through the lens of your sin. He sees the you He made in Eden. The you He breathe life into and his heart breaks at the turn of events. That you would hurt yourself like this. Trying so hard to fit into all the shapes and sizes that aren’t yours. And no, this isn’t just about homosexuality or the “big” sins. It’s about the hole in the middle of your chest, the one that doesn’t let you think of any other person but yourself. You want to. You want be known as the good person that looks out for humanity, but is that really true, is that truly your desire? Would you really save another life at the expense of your own?

This is also about your grand ability to be happy and yet have no joy. You ability to be the life of the party and go home with the weight of the world on your shoulders. Your lack of peace. Your lack of hope. Your marriage with depression. Your front of tranquillity and strength and all the things that you want but you don’t have. But hey, you’ve told this lie so long now that it doesn’t sound like a lie anymore. You even believe it. You believe that you are enough. You believe that you are the centre of the universe. You believe that the universe will give you back what you pour into it. You believe that you go dey alright. So many have believed that same thing and died mid sentence. And death is no escape, only a new beginning.

Dear you, you are loved, you are seen. The Father bids you to come close, come closer still, come home. He gets it. Drop your baggage at the door and come in. This is where you belong. No, we are not perfect, but we chase perfection. Our strength is not in our humanness, if it were, we would be no different from you. We run on the fuel of God’s love, we are powered by His Holy Spirit. Jesus has paid the price for your dying flesh. He has purchased for you a brand new life. Oh won’t you come, break bread with us. Let’s talk. Let’s sing songs in the presence of our saviour. Let’s dance. Let’s bask in the power of our God. Breaker of chains. Healer of our land. Lover of our souls.

If you would only trust Him, you will be whole. You will be safe. You will be kept.

Won’t you come?

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