God; lord of Heaven’s armies

God; ruler of stars and all things that move; all of life itself

God; unequaled in grandour, unmatched in splendor 

Wakes the sun to its rising and clocks

The moon to appear, spreads the sky over us 

Like a mother covers and holds her own in the cold, because, God; 

Mother of all; big and small

From the vastness of mountaintop views to the mandible

Of an ant; He cares for all

Who is like our God?

Rich in mercy, steadfast in love

Established  in faithfulness, abundant  in grace. God; 

dressed in skin tattered by the names of His beloved

God; impossible to describe, impossible to fully imagine 

Yet God, this magnificent, exorbitant capital G God, 

Loves me with an everlasting  love

That runs after me, overtakes me, overshadows me

Till I am face to face with the bare glory and power and might

Of Him who has chosen me, and called me into Himself

How could I resist? 

How could you resist?

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