What is this love
Chasing after me with a hunger like tomorrow; never ending
What is this love
Catching me in motion, slowing me down
Pulling me in, into folds of eternal bliss
What is this love
Alive in full; ambidextrous
Sure as day, fierce as flames
Unwavering in resolve, untainted in trust
What is this love
That lures the stone cold heart to boiling hot waters
That leaks with assurance as it swings and sways 
What is this love
Mine in singularity and entirety
An underserved alignment
A perfect mess
An enchanting, unending story
What is this love
New, fresh and unfamiliar 
Yet intuitive home—
The safest, most genuine space to breathe
Without fear
What is this love
Life veiled in death
Riches veiled in suffering
Beauty veiled in ashes
Inscrutable to the crowned Kings and Queens of wisdom
This love,
Fluid, crashing into me—
As though the Pacific has been pulled from it’s borders
And positioned upside down right above my head—
I can barely stand under its ferocity
What is this love
If not God disguised in a four-lettered word

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