Be yourself.
You only live once.
You are the centre of the entire universe.
Self-love is the solution to the enigma that is you
You don’t need people.
The internet is all that is wrong with the world; entertainment.
Follow your heart and desires relentlessly, always.
You are alone.
Money, fame & power; that’s all you need.
Love is easy; loud; sexy.
Life is about avoiding suffering; survival.
You have haters; millions of them;
Dedicated to despising your every move.
We are who we are; change
Is not required; not possible.
We are not to speak too loudly about the things we believe
For fear of rejection, or questioning.
We are not allowed to shake the dust.
We are not allowed to test the waters.
God is a liar.
There is no God.
People are the true thermometers of our temperatures.
You must have an opinion about everything.
What you think, is what is right.
It is okay to be broken.
Oh the many lies we’ve been told!

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