8 Reasons Why You Don’t Remember What You Study

We’ve all been there; you studied for four hours straight yet the next day when someone asks you a question you can’t remember a thing. What in the world happened to all that information? Did the lightning thief steal it all when you were asleep? Maybe your kid brother was his accomplice. And maybe (this is the one all of us like) it was the devil. Tah. It’s you. Just you.

It’s just you.

Bad study habits produce bad retention. Know that there’s no point studying if you don’t remember, so make sure you are studying actively. Today I am sharing eight reasons why your retention might be low and some quick tips on how to fix the problem.

1. You are studying like you’re reading a newspaper.

Why are you studying? Be honest here, to learn yeah, but mostly to pass your tests and exams. That means you must remember and to remember you need to make an intentional impression on your brain. When you pick up your school textbooks actual meanbusiness. You need this stuff. You need the important stuff. You can figure that out by referring to points your lecturer made in class and by reading the introduction and conclusion of a chapter before reading anything else. That will give you a solid ground on what to concentrate on.

2. You are studying like it’s a marathon.

This is not a marathon. You don’t have to study for long stretches. In fact the longer you study the lesser your retention. Study for short burst of time (20-40mins max) and do a review or test of what you’ve read. Try summarizing it all. Or making bullet notes of the important stuff, like definitions and specific values or diagrams. You can also write down what you think, things that come to your mind as you read. The important thing is to make sure you mind is actively engaged. Long stretches are no good. Take breaks and get back to work, if you have a lot to cover.

3. You think you can study and do other things.

Lie. Lie. Lie. When you want to study, just study. Don’t add other activities, like TV, Social Media, gist, music. That won’t help. You won’t get the best from that time. You have to concentrate. Your brain works best when it’s doing just one thing. Let that one thing be studying. Although some music is good for studying (there will be a post on that soon), I’d say stay away from all music with lyric.

4. You don’t study daily.

Look, nothing is going to stick if you don’t visit it daily. Start small. Study everyday uninterrupted for 20 minutes. And come tell me how much your life has changed in two weeks. No, really, I’d love to hear from you. The point is though, you can’t go wrong with doing something daily. You’ll get better. A good way to make this habit stick is by giving yourself a reward each time you successfully study for the amount of time you allotted yourself. Probably Instagram, or watch a movie. Or a chocolate bar. Anything that will register some kind of feel-good tingle every time you do your work. That will keep the habit alive.

5. You don’t make notes.

Notice that I did not say take, I said make notes. Notes are brief summaries of what you understand. If you don’t make notes, you have no record and your brain isn’t performing any task of rearranging the information you’ve processed the way you understand it back on paper. This work of sorts that you assign to your brain helps it remember. Make good notes, avoid notes that are word for word from the text book. Try to write it in your own words. Except its an an important definition and there are keywords to keep in mind.

6. You don’t ask questions.

The best way to make anything stick is to test yourself. Ask questions. Set tests for yourself. It’s why schools set exams and tests for us in the first place. For everything you study, have two sets of question prepared. A) Those things you don’t understand B) Questions to be answer by you later. This will definitely boost your memory. And at least you’ll be able to keep track of those things you are forgetting so you can pay more attention to them

7. You don’t revise or try to remember what you’ve read.

This is the worst mistake you can make—totally discarding a topic or area you’ve studied. Make it an habit to try and remember things you’ve read before. Task yourself to remember them, if you don’t revise. Try over and over again. This way you’re making a conscious effort to making your brain see it as important.

8. You think reading the material over and over will make you remember.

This won’t work. When you study and how many times you study isn’t nearly as important as how you study. Reading over and over again is a waste of time. Study smart. Study actively.

Did you find this helpful? Do you think there are other things that get in the way of retention? Tell me in the comments.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead.

Bae Material: Things To Look Out For In Whoever You Choose To Love

By bae, I don’t just mean a romantic affair.

Love is a simple thing. You know, we’ve been told countless times that it’s complicated, but in its purest, love is simple. Humans are not, love is. And I believe one of the things humans find hardest is finding or staying consistently in love. It’s because most of the time, we are looking for all the wrong things and we are overly concerned about ourselves. I’ll be writing about the first part now, maybe I’ll write about the other part sometime soon. Right now, I don’t know. But if you want me to, let me know.

The skeleton of all I have to say is in 1 Timothy 4:12 (KJV)

Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.

So how does this count as a course outline for bae material? Well, whoever you fall in love with ought to make you better and that only happens by being an example. Same goes for whoever you are close friends with. So in other words, the person ought to be living out 1 Tim 4:12.

In Word

There’s a reason this comes first, perhaps it’s the most important. We live in an age where it seems like everyone reads the bible and everyone can quote a couple of verses, but that isn’t exactly what we are looking for. We want someone who loves the word of God and honours it. How do you know such a person? It shows in how they live, what they do? How they behave in church? Do they text when a sermon is on? Do they jest and socialize while the sermon is on? That person is not desiring the word of God. And does  this person go after understanding the word? Not just reading, not just cramming. Why is this important? It is because if a person considers the word of God ultimate, they will not want to falter it, that is, they won’t wake up one morning and say they don’t love you anymore in marriage, because they know they are supposed to love you like Christ loves the church and Christ never leaves. They won’t cheat on you because they know they ought to leave their family and cleave to you. And they won’t disregard you because you are the splitting image of the Most High. Remember when the bible says your word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against you? God’s word has power to keep you from harms way. A true Christian is a lover of the Word, the way to find such a radical lover is to be a radical lover too. This might seem unrealistic, how does loving the word of God relate to a person loving you? How does he/she concentrating in Church relate to him/her loving you, but like I once read somewhere

How can a person who cannot love a faultless God that gave His life, love and be committed to an imperfect you?

In conversation

How does this person speak to different people? Does he/she change tones with different sets of people. Is this someone who says the first thing that comes to their mind when they are angry? You should study and watch. You don’t want someone who’s pretentious and not true to themselves. You don’t want someone who will speak anyhow to you or even your parents once they are in a terrible mood. It’s not possible to find anyone perfect in this regard, but what we are looking for is at least a consciousness that words are important and are to be season with salt and a strive to do just that.The bible says death and life are in the power of the tongue. You want someone who is wise with words.

In charity

Charity is another word for love. I read in a book titled KillJoys that human beings are fundamentally lovers. In other words we are what we love. Your interest and favorite things say more about you than you know. At your core it shows who you are. So you should check out what this person loves and priorities. Does the person treat people with respect? Is this person kind? Is showing love important to this person? And just to be clear, a person that doesn’t believe in God cannot love, because God is love. Whatever is being demonstrated by that person seeming like love is just some other form of selfishness. I know because we are all selfish and hopeless without God. You have to receive and experience real love to give it.

In spirit

The whole essence of being a Christian and living it is hinged on consciousness to the spirit of God. This person should kindle the flames of your regenerated spirit, should help you focus more on things above than those below, and should help make your spirit’s instructions more accessible to you. Y’all should burn each other up and become lighters.

In faith

God’s says without faith, you can’t please Him, because even to trust that there’s “Him” you need faith. You want someone who will help build and stir that faith, not one that will break in all down and crash it to shambles.

And In purity

Purity seems fickle as the days pass. It seems as though everyone is cool with profanity, over exposure and obsession with sex in all its different elements. That, though it may seem otherwise, doesn’t make it okay or good for you. You need someone who is a good example of purity to you. Someone who is faithfully fighting to stay pure. Not just on sexual matters but in finance, and work, and responsibility. One that isn’t interested in dirty work, a person of integrity.

Ultimately, you want someone who is following and striving to portray the greatness and excellence of who you are following. In a way, that’s what everyone wants, only what/who we follow differs. This is for those who follow Jesus Christ. And the best, maybe not fastest way to find such a person is to be that example first. The bible was brilliant in directing that instruction to us, personally first.

What do you think?